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We pulled off Route 66 after crossing the border into Texas. The bus came to a stop right outside of Amarillo and in the distance all you could see was ten Cadillacs buried in the ground...

Located on a field owned by a billionaire, Cadillac Ranch is the place to stop if you find yourself road tripping through the Lone Star State. It’s also on Topdeck’s #Ultimate49 bucket list and rightfully so – it’s one of those quirky roadside attractions that you definitely want to pull over for.

Make sure you grab some spray paint before you head over there (unless you want to try scavenging some from the hundreds of cans littered around the installation) so you can leave your mark on the cars. And, I won’t lie, I was most excited to get the ultimate Instagram photo. Luckily some of my fellow #Topdeckers were willing to help me out.

After we all spent a fair amount of time tagging the cars, I enlisted some of my new friends to help me climb to the top of one of the Cadillacs. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I had two guys lifting me up while I was trying to hoist myself over the hood of the car – all while attempting to avoid the fresh spray paint.

After a successful photo shoot, I was really not sure how on earth I was going to get down (those cars are a lot taller than they look!). Once again my #Topdeckers came to the rescue and helped me plant my feet safely on the ground!

Your checklist for Cadillac Ranch should be as follows: spray paint, camera, and a crew of people to have fun with!

By @taylor_fuller

Taylor Fuller is a travel blogger who has been exploring the world non-stop for the past three and a half years. Her blog, Travel Colorfully focuses on finding the bright and beautiful places in the world while enjoying experiences with locals. She is drawn to colourful places and believes that a little bit of colour adds a whole lot of character to things!

Her travels have brought her around the world and she has gone on adventures all over Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America and the USA. She has lived in the USA, Italy, France, and Thailand, and will be calling London home in 2018. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @taylor_fuller.

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