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When you visit Egypt, you expect that nothing could possibly top the Pyramids of Giza or cruising down the Nile. You’d be very wrong.

Stepping into the past, the physical resting place of the pharaohs will captivate you with its vibrant colours and exquisite detail. The tombs, some of which have only been recently discovered, have been so well preserved over thousands of years without sunlight or people to disturb them.

Our local guide Sam, an Egyptologist who lives and breathes the ancient wonders of the world, took us on a journey through the history of the Valley – where pharaohs who ruled in the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasty were brought to rest and passed over into the eternal afterlife.

When we entered, we were in awe of the stories told throughout each tomb in the form of hieroglyphics, the ancient written language of the time. The standard pass includes entry into three tombs, which our guide helped pick so that we could get the best appreciation of where we were.

He also encouraged us to enter the tomb of Ramesses VI – a tomb so well preserved, you’ll think you’ve stepped back into Ancient Egypt. At the end of a long passageway, the grand area that still houses the pharaoh’s sarcophagus made our jaws drop.

If you’d have visited only last year, cameras would have been completely prohibited. But now, with a camera pass available for purchase, you can capture this phenomenal site for yourself. I would highly recommend it!

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I could have spent all day exploring every tomb, holding my breath as I imagined the work and skill which would have gone into each and every wall, image and story. Nowhere in the world has ever captivated me as much as the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. It’s a slice of such a rich and vibrant part of the earth’s history – and it lives on here for everyone to enjoy.

Also, don’t worry if you aren’t able to read hieroglyphics – your local Topdeck guide will point out the important parts of each tomb for you to spot before you enter, so you can truly appreciate the story being told on the walls. .

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