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Watch the sunrise over UluruWatch the sunrise over UluruWatch the sunrise over Uluru



There are only a couple of times that I’ll allow a 5am alarm to be set: when I’m heading to the airport and when I’m about to catch a good sunrise.

There are even fewer times that I’ll allow three 5am alarms to be set in a row. But this happens to be during an adventure in the Red Centre where sunrises are possibly the most magical you’ll ever experience.

In the summer months (I visited at the end of January) the sun rises in the Outback at around 6.20am, with the golden glows beginning at around 5.50am.

On days two, three and four of the Topdeck Uluru Discovery trip, we were up by 5.10am with our Trip Leader Ronald leading us from our accommodation at Outback Pioneer Lodge into the magic.

The journey out had our 18 person-strong team watch the Outback come alive: starting in pitch black and progressing through the colours of the rainbow.

It’s mind blowing enough to witness the likes of Mt Connell, Uluru and Kata Tjuta appearing to have popped up from thousands of kilometres of desert as if by magic. But watching them go through the spectrum of red glows as the rest of the Northern Territory is still fast asleep is quite something.

The Outback is an incredible corner of the world to experience sunrise and certainly a moment to tell the grandkids about. It’s extremely humbling to say the least.

Should you be reluctant to do three sunrises in a row, don’t worry! The sunsets over Uluru are equally glorious and the Uluru Discovery trip will deliver these too (weather permitting!).

Add in a glass of bubbles and you’ll be toasting to new friendships and incredible travel experiences with one big smile on your face.

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Options to dig deeper and closer into these incredible formations are endless. Like we did, you could take one of the many trails (varying in ability) through the formations or listen to your Trip Leader as you explore the caves and Aboriginal stories that were born in these sacred areas.

The rocks are just as magical as they say. Definitely an adventure for the bucket list!

By @wheresmollie

Mollie is 22 and currently lives just outside London (read: leaves her stuff there while she gallivants around the world). She is a strong believer that, for some, life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place. And that if your heart is pulled towards a person, a country, or an experience, you must pursue it. Follow Mollie @wheresmollie

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