• A view of the Mostar Old Bridge, a reconstructed medieval bridge in the city of Mostar.

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Bosnia Tours: Experience the bold spirit of the Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a country that’s always looking on the bright side without forgetting its past. From 1992, the capital city of Sarajevo was under siege for more than three years and the war-torn main street became so perilous, the strip was renamed ‘Sniper Alley’.  

Now, peace reigns supreme in the city famous for its annual film festival and East-meets-West cuisine. Hot tip: ask a local to help you pour a strong Bosnian coffee. You probably won’t ever go back to the instant cuppas.  

Wandering through Old Town, you’ll scope out historic mosques and stone churches in between the market stalls. As the sun sets, Sarajevo’s nightlife comes alive with hip bars and hangouts. Try to go to bed early, we dare you!  

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Bosnia Tours: Things to Do

  • A riverside view of Mostar's Old Bridge, a reconstructed medieval bridge which has it's own museum.

    Walk over Mostar’s Old Bridge

    Add this to your must-do Balkans list: walking across the Old Bridge in Mostar. Marvel at the 16th-century stone bridge that was destroyed in the warfare of the 1990s and rebuilt faithfully in its original design. Keep your eyes peeled to see local divers making the 24-metre plunge into the icy river below. 

  • A set of tracks lead further into the barely lit War Tunnel, located in Sarajevo.

    Guided Tour of Sarajevo’s War Tunnel

    Visit a sobering museum that shows the resilience of the citizens of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. During the longest wartime siege of a capital city in modern history, the Sarajevo tunnel was vital in delivering supplies to civilians. You'll hear stories of the brave people who slowly dug the tunnel by hand and shovel whilst under constant heavy shelling.

  • A view of Murat Paša, an old mosque located in the heart of Sarajevo near the Bascarsija historic market.

    Walking Tour of Sarajevo

    Uncover the many contrasts of Sarajevo with a fascinating walking tour through this thriving city that hasn’t lost its Old Town feel. After you’ve seen the Latin Bridge, City Hall and Bascarsija historic market, make a pit stop at a Bosnian restaurant to taste the local cuisine. Here you can try a Bosnian version of a kebab, called ćevapi. Yum, sign us up!

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