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Quebec to British Columbia: Uncover the REAL Canada

Awe-inspiring. Adventurous. Exhilarating. We could go on... but words can’t describe how utterly MIND-BLOWING our Canada tours are. No joke.  

You already know the scenic A-listers: Jasper and Banff National Park. But what about the vineyard-laden hills of Okanagan Valley or the adventure wonderland of Whistler? Our Canadian Rockies tour has it all.  

From breathtaking glacial lakes and towering snow-capped peaks, to awe-inspiring alpine passes and ‘holy-sh*t’-worthy waterfalls (plus all the slipping and sliding down the slopes of Whistler, Big White and Banff’s Big 3) – our Great White North is more than just a skiing holiday. 

And if culture is more your thing, our USA & Canada Adventure has got you covered. Explore history-rich Quebec City. Delve deeper into diverse Toronto. And stuff your face with all the carb-laden, cheese-topped, bagel-shaped goodness of Montreal’s Mile End.  

Things to do? Adrenalin junkies eat your heart out. We’re talking: ziplining, white water rafting, helicoptering, snowmobiling, jet boating and reaching new heights at the CN Tower *cue allll the goosebumps*. 

Either way you ‘do’ Canada, this place does not disappoint. Trust us.

Top tours of Canada

North America | Hostel Plus

Great White North

10 days / 1 country

Start: Vancouver

End: Banff

From US$1,685.00
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North America | Play & Pause

Play & Pause: Canadian Rockies

10 days / 1 country

Start: Vancouver

End: Vancouver

From US$3,499.00
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