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Hungry for a REAL slice of Thailand? We’ve got the recipe. Start with a generous dollop of sun-bleached Thai beaches. Mix in Thailand’s famous landmarks (think towering temples and gleaming golden Buddhas). And drizzle with alllll the Thai culture, history and local know-how. These Thailand tours are *chef’s kiss* INCREDIBLE. 

Our Thailand group tours hit the all-star attractions in Bangkok and Phuket. But they also go deeper. Deep into the mist-filled jungle of Khao Sok National Park. Under the glassy waters of Cheow Lan Lake. Behind the filter of Ko Pha Ngan. And through the eyes of our legendary fact-filled Trip Leaders. Basically: these tours of Thailand = a big, juicy serving of local life. Go on, take a bite... 

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Asia | Delve Deep

Delve Deep: Northern Thailand

10 days / 1 country

Start: Bangkok

End: Chiang Mai

From US$1,376.15 US$1,619.00
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Up to 15% off

Asia | Delve Deep

Delve Deep: Southern Thailand

12 days / 1 country

Start: Bangkok

End: Phuket

From US$1,503.65 US$1,769.00
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Top sights of Thailand

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Things to do in Bangkok? The list goes on longer than your family group chat (*mutes forever*). Whether you’re brushing up your boxing skills with Muay Thai classes or ommm-ing your way to inner zen via yoga – our Bangkok tours are crammed FULL of adventure (and 100% empty of hassle). 

Someone wants to say hi... Give one giant wave to the Big Buddha – Thailand landmarks don’t get more SUPERsized than this. And when it comes to Thailand beaches, Phuket’s k-i-l-l-i-n-g it. Jet-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, banana boating – Patong Beach has adventure tours covered. Oh, and the top beaches + insanely lush panos of the Phi Phi Islands? We’re coming for ya. 

Zzzzzz... Just catching some shut-eye in our tropical floating bungalow. We bunk down in a traditional raft house AND a rustic ecolodge on our Khao Sok National Park tours. ‘Cos if you’re gonna do paradise, do it properly. And by day? Kayak through Cheow Lan Lake’s toothy limestone cliffs. Hike up and down and then up again. Or activate explorer mode and discover Nam Talu Cave.

Your Thailand Qs answered

What’s Thailand’s local currency?

Thai baht (THB).

How much does a Thailand trip cost?

It depends! You’ll need to budget for spending money, meals (only the ones which aren’t included, obvs) and those immense optional activities. Go through your itinerary and think about the optionals you’re keen to experience – it’s all part of the fun! 

Is there easy ATM access in Thailand?

ATMs are common in Thai cities, but less so in rural areas. Remember to let your bank know you’re travelling!

What’s the climate like in Thailand?

Thailand has a tropical climate. Its three seasons include a wet season (May to October), a cool season (November to February) and a hot season (March to May).

Why is Thailand called the ‘Land of Smiles’?

Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ due to the warm, friendly hospitality of the locals.

Bonus questions...

When’s the best time to travel to Thailand?

From November to March temperatures are cooler and more comfortable, and landscapes are lush following the wet season. July to October is the best time to go for smaller crowds and lower prices. 

Will I need a visa and/or travel insurance to travel to Thailand?

You must have comprehensive travel insurance to participate in a Topdeck trip to Thailand. You will be unable to join us without it. 

It’s your responsibility to obtain the correct visas for your trip. Ask your travel agent or check with the relevant embassies before you depart. 

Find travel advice for Australia citizens here, for New Zealand citizens here for US citizens here, for Canadian citizens here and for British citizens here. If you’re travelling from a country not listed here, head to the relevant government website for more information. 

What are the health and vaccine requirements for travel to Thailand?

We recommend you consult your doctor about health and vaccination requirements before you travel to Thailand. For current travel safety advice, please check your home country’s travel advisories.

Can I use my mobile phone whilst travelling in Thailand?

Mobile phone reception in Thailand varies. Signal is likely to be better in cities and towns than in rural areas. Remember to check your network provider’s roaming fees to avoid any nasty surprises on your next bill! 

Likewise, Wi-Fi in Thailand is widely available in urban areas but likely to be patchier in more remote places. 

What do I need to charge my devices in Thailand?

Thailand uses Type C and Type O plugs (230 volts). Type A and Type B plugs can also be used. 

We recommend you bring a universal plug adapter – airports usually sell them, but it’s cheaper to buy one before you go. 

Top tip for travelling Thailand

Sharpen up your haggling skills – whether you’re buying a souvenir at a market or jumping in a tuk-tuk, negotiating a price is part of local life and will secure you the best deal. 

What are some useful phrases I can use in Thailand?

Hello = sawasdee kah (sa-wat-dee-kah) if you're female or sawasdee khrap (sa-wat-dee-kap) if you’re male 

Goodbye = lah gorn  

Thank you = khop khun (kop-koon) 

How much? = Tao rai (tow-rye)? 

Where is the bathroom? = Haawng naam yuu thee nai (hong-nam-you-tee-nye)? 

What holidays and festivals is Thailand famous for?

Songkran (13-15 April) brings in the Thai New Year – prepare to get WET as water fights break out across the country! During Loy Krathong (November), the ‘festival of light’, locals pay their respects to the Goddess of Water by releasing candle-lit rafts onto lakes, rivers and canals. Birthdays of the monarchy are also celebrated throughout the year. 

Other sh*t-hot destinations...

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H is for... Hanoi. Hoi An. Ho Chi Minh City. Halong Bay. And HEAPS of magical and downright unforgettable experiences. From Colonial-style cities packed with charm to natural wonders so stunning they hurt to look at – these trips delve deeper into Vietnam travel. Meaning? You get to explore MORE. 

Angkor WHAT? Nothing quite compares to setting eyes on this mind-blowing temple complex for the first time. Keen to experience the best of Cambodia tourism? We’ve sorted it. Uncover the buzzing sights of Phnom Penh. Sample street food in Siem Reap. And get ready for a frankly indecent number of memory-making moments.

Your ultimate Bali trip = right here. Lusher-than-lush jungle landscapes, sparkling sandy beaches, sealife in every shape and colour... Mother Nature was on a (spring) roll when she created Bali and Gili Trawangan. Meet us in Canggu. Explore more in Ubud. And throw yourself into everything that makes Indonesia so goddamn good.

Delve deeper into Down Under! Expect: blue-and-white paradise (aka the Whitsunday Islands). Larger-than-life spectacles (hello Barron Gorge). And the chilled vibes of Cairns, Port Douglas and Mission Beach. From discovering indigenous stories at Daintree Rainforest to diving into the Great Barrier Reef, Australia travel just got a MAJOR upgrade. 

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