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City Insiders: What’s the deal?

We’re all about enhancing your Topdeck experience, right? That’s where the City Insiders come in – our lil cherry on top of an already delish cake. We’ve teamed up with locals who know where to get the best beer in town. Where history buffs are gonna thrive. And the local spots you’re not likely to see on 'Top 10 Things To Do in...' lists.

The Local Lowdown: from screen to reality

Unlock Your Topdeck Experience in real time with allll the sweet deets located in our Local Lowdown Maps. Here’s how to do it in Berlin – just one of the awesome cities we’ve created maps for...

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The nitty-gritty step-by-step

  1. Book the trip.

  2. Download the Topdeck app via the Apple Store  or Google Play .

  3. Scroll through the trip itinerary and Your Inclusions as the countdown begins.

  4. 60 days before your trip starts, you’ll get a notification: all Trip Leaders Rate and City Insiders Love recs, plus some bookable Your Options are UNLOCKED – as long as you’ve paid off your trip in full!

  5. Follow: Trips > Your Topdeck Experience > Local Lowdown Maps to find Google maps FULL of next level recs for the available cities on your trip.

The nitty-gritty step-by-step

It’s all about the maps

The deets at your fingertips

  1. Maps in numbers: 25 city maps where you have heaps of free time. 12 categories with tonnes of local recs. 15 of the best suggestions from your City Insiders plus Your Options and any places rated by our Trip Leaders. 30 days = how often city events are updated, keeping ’em fresh and making your trip even more unique.

  2. The lit cities*: Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Barcelona, Christchurch, Florence, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Lisbon, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, New York City, New Orleans, Paris, Prague, Queenstown, Rome, Reykjavík, Split, Tokyo, Vancouver, Venice and Washington. *This is a current list, which will grow in the future – keep those eyes PEELED.

  3. The awesome categories: Catch it quick! Take a bite. Grab a coffee. Say cheers. Entertain me. Shop around. Culture fix. Take a snap. Back to nature. Trip Leaders Rate. Your Options.

Map of Berlin seen via the Topdeck App.

Ready to meet your City Insiders?

Say g’day to some of the awesome people we’ve teamed up with from cities across the globe.

Jasmine and a Topdeck traveller while in Japan

Introducing Jasmine

5.0 out of 5 stars

Matcha lover and travel content creator, Jasmine’s got alll the local spots for fashion, food and entertainment in the bustling city of Tokyo. Taste authentic ramen and tonkotsu broth in Taito City. Feel next level magic at a full-on immersive experience in Koto City. And get all the matcha deets for those tingling tastebuds from dawn ’til dusk. Cos this place never sleeps.

A pictute of Veronica and Francesca during a trip to Athens.

Meet Vero & Franc

5.0 out of 5 stars

Shout "opaaa" with Veronica and Francesca, our incred City Insiders who’ve got the lowdown on all things Athens. Mouth-watering foodie recs? Obvs – you can’t go to Greece without tasting authentic af eats. Beaut rooftop bars with all the vibes? They know the exact places to say "yamas". And if you wanna spice up your ’gram or TikTok, they’ve got the local spots for colourful quirkiness and surreal sunsets, #nofilterrequired.

A picture of Jen on a tour through Los Angeles.

Get to know Jen

5.0 out of 5 stars

If anyone knows LA, it’s our City Insider Jen. She knows alll the local haunts below the Hollywood Hills and she’s not afraid to shout about ’em. Cos this city’s full of things to do that’ll take any USA road trip to the next level. A unique book shop that inspires you to make a fun TikTok? You got it. Where to stuff your face with cuisine from around the world? Yep. And a futuristic arcade that’ll make your eyes bulge? Sorted.

Download the Topdeck Travel app

It’s your organised mate who keeps the travel deets safe. Where you unlock awesome extras as you count down to your trip. AND see what City Insiders Love via Local Lowdown Maps whilst on the road. Can’t see a map? No drama. Our expert Trip Leaders on the ground are armed with alll the REAL recs you need.

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