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Morocco Tours: Travel by Camel Though North Africa

Transport yourself to an exotic land where buzzing souks meet tranquil mosques, the scent of spices lingers in the air and travelling by camel is totally the norm. 

Morocco is oh-so close to Europe, but at the same time oh-so far away. Ready to embrace that Middle Eastern magic? Let’s go!

Featured Morocco Trips

10 days / 1 country
  • Start city: Marrakesh
  • End city: Marrakesh
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From:A$1,549.00 Was:A$1,549.00
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14 days / 3 countries
  • Start city: Barcelona
  • End city: Lisbon
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From:A$2,369.00 Was:A$2,369.00
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7 days / 1 country
  • Start city: Casablanca
  • End city: Marrakesh
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From:A$989.10 Was:A$1,099.00
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21 days / 3 countries
  • Start city: Barcelona
  • End city: Barcelona
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From:A$3,519.00 Was:A$3,519.00
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Morocco Tours: Things to Do

  • bahia-palace

    See Bahia Palace in Marrakech

    On the 'Sahara Adventure'

    When in Marrakech, make a beeline for Bahia Palace to see the best of Moroccan architecture and hear fascinating stories of the nobles who lived it up there. Yep, the apartment envy is real... With its beautiful light-filled courtyards, stained-glass windows and intricate ceilings, this luxe palace and garden will linger in your memory long after you leave Marrakech.

  • hassan-ii-mosque

    Visit the Hassan II Mosque

    On the 'Rockin' Moroccan'

    The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is the largest mosque in Morocco and an absolute must-visit when you’re in this amazing country. With an epic minaret stretching up to 210 metres, you can’t miss it. A visit here will let you see some beautiful architecture: marble floors, ceramic tiles, hand-carved wood and stone and more.

  • marrakech-markets-what-to-buy

    Explore the markets in Marrakech

    On the 'Moroccan Explorer'

    Ready to get your haggle on? Experience medina life and then find things you never thought you needed in the Djemaa el-Fnaa Square in Marrakech. The only problem you’ll have in the Marrakech market is deciding what to buy! Once a trading post, it’s now nothing short of a spectacle and home to all sorts of characters selling everything from spices and leather to medicines and food. Better leave enough space in that suitcase of yours.

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