• A landscape view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

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Estonia Tours: Explore Medieval Tallinn and magnificent Old Town

If Estonia isn't already on your travel radar, then prepare to widen your search! Estonia is one of Europe's hottest new travel destinations and the undoubted jewel in Estonia's crown is Tallinn. This capital city’s magnificent walled Old Town is full of cobblestones, twisting alleyways and attractions both ancient and modern. Let’s face it, there aren't many cities where you can enjoy an authentic medieval feast for dinner, then head out to a modern club to dance the night away!

Estonia is perfect for a short seasonal break, visit to the Christmas markets or as part of a longer trip in northern Europe. Either way, this Baltic gem is bound to leave you all smiles and starry eyed.

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Estonia Tours: Things to Do

  • An exterior view of Tallinns Modern Art Museums in Estonia.

    Explore Tallinn’s Museums

    On the 'Northern Exposure'

    Once you’re done strolling the fairytale streets of Tallinn (yep, that’ll take a while), you can duck into the Modern Art Museum and lose a few hours while you’re at it. As well as admiring art, there’s so much history at your fingertips in Tallinn’s museums, from tales of Soviet occupation to snapshots of life in traditional Estonian villages. Time to get exploring!

  • visit-alexander-nevsky-cathedral

    Visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    On the 'Russia Scandi'

    Attention, history lovers: Tallinn’s impressive architectural heritage doesn’t get any better than this! Scope out the magnificent onion-domed towers of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an Orthodox design built in 1900. Don’t miss the stunning mosaic-filled interior and collection of icons inside the cathedral, giving visitors an insight into life at the time of Russian rule in Estonia.

  • Medieval buildings that make up Tallinn's Old Town.

    Discover life in Medieval Estonia

    On the 'Russian Revelations'

    See the majestic and enchanting Old Town that is a serious throwback to medieval Europe. The Town Hall in Tallinn is quite the unique #travelgram picture – go on, make those Insta followers jealous. After taking in the buzzing atmosphere of Town Hall Square, head to one of the local restaurants for an authentic Estonian feast fit for a royal.

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