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Finland Tours: Epic sights at the Arctic Circle, featuring Santa Claus.

Discover forests, lakes and reindeer in Finland! It's only fitting that a country with so many reindeer is home to Santa Claus! Lapland in Finland's north is proud of its most famous resident, and you can even visit the jolly bearded man himself at Santa's village in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. Just make sure you've been good all trip.

But don't be fooled into thinking Finland is a winter-only destination – far from it. Helsinki, Finland's capital, is the country's southern hub and home to star attractions such as Suomenlinna Fortress.

There are some great drives through the rest of the country, from the Arctic tundra of the north, which is still home to the Indigenous Sami people, to the countless lakes and pine forests of the south.

You'll love everything about your travels here, from start to Finnish!

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Finland Tours: Things to Do

  • Exterior shot of the main building in Santa Claus Village.

    Visit Santa Claus

    On the 'The Lapland Express'

    Jingle-to-the-bells! When in Finland, head all the way north to the Arctic Circle and see the ACTUAL home of Santa in Rovaniemi. Visit the big guy himself at Santa Claus Village, where you’ll also find elves, reindeer, Siberian huskies and more. Go on, make all those Winter Wonderland dreams come true.

  • Topdeck traveler standing in front of Helsinki Cathedral.

    Helsinki Cathedral

    On the 'Northern Exposure'

    Since the mid-19th century, Helsinki Cathedral has been an iconic city landmark, easily spotted by ships arriving in the harbour. Don't leave Helsinki without a photo on its famous stairs! Built to honour a Russian Tsar, the Neoclassical cathedral is also famous for being the filming location for the Sandstorm music video by Darude.

  • Midnight sun shining over Finnish lake.

    Chase the Northern Lights

    On the 'The Lapland Express'

    Every year, Topdeckers head to Rovaniemi to hunt the elusive Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Are you up for the challenge? If the conditions are right, you may catch this natural phenomena dancing among the stars. The Northern Lights are one of our ultimate experiences, so get excited for all the once-in-a-lifetime feels!

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