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Get Social: Southern Europe Highlights

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Trip Overview

TRIP VIBE = fast-paced fun with tons of socialising, bucket-list sights and good times all round. We’ve got 17 days to race through five countries. Hit iconic cities like Barcelona and Rome. Gasp at awesome coastlines. Scoff European eats. Make every moment COUNT. You’re gonna live your best dolce vita life. Do things you’ve dreamed of. BE the person you’re meant to be. You won’t be going alone either. Nay nay. With up to 48 travel buds on this trip, you’re bound to find your people. The ones you can be your real self with, even before that morning coffee.

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Tales From Topdeckers

Trip itinerary

  1. Barcelona (Spain)


    Ah Barcelona! Just landing in this iconic city’s gonna send your excitement levels through the roof. And we’re right there with you. Ready to meet your ride or dies for the next 17 days? Obvs. Chuck in some sangria, tapas and quirky questions (try: what’s your biggest dream EVER? or: what’s the super embarrassing moment you’re running away from?) That awkward stage of meeting new people: poof, vanished. Now we’re set for the experience of a lifetime!

    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Barcelona

  3. Barcelona – Madrid

  4. Madrid

  5. Madrid – Lisbon (Portugal)

  6. Lisbon

  7. Lisbon – Seville (Spain)

  8. Seville – Valencia

  9. Valencia

  10. Valencia – Carcassonne (France)

  11. Carcassonne – French Riviera

  12. French Riviera – Monaco – French Riviera

  13. French Riviera – Genoa (Italy)

  14. Genoa – Cinque Terre – Genoa

  15. Genoa – Orvieto – Rome

  16. Rome

  17. Rome


What's included

Included experiences

  • - Orientation walk of Madrid
  • - Orientation walk of Lisbon
  • - Orientation walk of Seville with Trip Leader
  • - Orientation walk of Valencia
  • - Orientation walk of Carcassonne with Trip Leader
  • - Orientation walk of Nice with Trip Leader
  • - Walking tour in Monaco with Trip Leader
  • - Orientation walk of Genoa with Trip Leader
  • - Cinque Terre express train pass
  • - Orientation walk of Rome with Trip Leader
  • - Visit Orvieto


- 14 nights in hostels, 2 nights in hotel-style accommodation


- Air-conditioned coach

Optional activities

- FYI: these are optional activities available locally. Things might change – prices are here to give you a rough idea.

- Tipsy Tapas tour in Barcelona: from €75

- Food tour of Lisbon: from €69

- Lisbon Tipsy Tour: from €45

- Guided tour of Vatican City: from €80

- Tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum: from €70

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