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Monaco Tours: Catch all the glam of the French Riviera

Fine dining, fashion and the fabulously rich. Let Topdeck take you to the playground of the insanely wealthy in Monaco. Welcome to European paradise, where the restaurants have more stars than the night sky and superyachts sail the pure blue Med.

Get glam for a day and act like royalty in the streets Grace Kelly once called home. Or if you’re a little more down to earth (and sea), you can spot stingrays at the cliffside Musée Oceanographique. Bien!

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Monaco Tours: Things to Do

  • monte-carlo-casino

    See the famous Monte Carlo Casino

    On the 'The French Connection'

    Feeling lucky? When in Monaco, it’s a rite of passage to walk the red carpet into the Monte Carlo Casino, the legendary building designed by Charles Garnier of Paris Opera House fame. Once you scope out the beautiful marble lobby, you have the option to hit the tables and make it rain (or just people watch).

  • monaco-tour-package

    Guided tour of Monaco

    On the 'Europe Uncovered'

    All Monaco tour packages should come with a warning: lifestyles seen here may cause extreme jealousy. The good news? You can live like the 1% for a day as you take in all the wealth and glamour of the French Riviera. With a royal palace, casino and a dangerous number of supercars, Monaco is truly the pwlayground of the rich and famous.

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