• A view of Montenegro and its surrounding coastline.

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Montenegro Tours: Beaches, bays and succulent seafood

The most underrated gem of the Balkans, Montenegro offers the perfect mix of cultural sights, beaches and fresh seafood. Relax on a beach on the Budva Riviera, complete with crystal clear waters and a Romanesque old town. 

All roads lead to Kotor, where the peaks of limestone mountains reflect on the water as you swim and work up your appetite. Wandering the historic town, you’ll feel like an extra on the set of Game of Thrones. Once you dip your toes into beautiful Montenegro, leaving is hard. Sigh.

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Montenegro Tours: Things to Do

  • The picturesque walled city of Budva, surrounded by deep blue waters.

    Swim along the famous Budva Riviera 

    On the 'Balkan Blitz'

    When the Ancient Greeks first sailed to this region 2,500 years ago, it’s not hard to see why they fell in love and never wanted to leave Budva’s stunning coastline. Now, the picturesque walled city is famous for its beach parties, restaurants dishing up delicious Montenegrin cuisine and the eternal shine of the Adriatic sea. Sigh...

  • The bay of Kotor, with St John's Fortress in the background.

    Visit historic Kotor

    On the 'Balkan Coasts'

    Kotor is all about its beautiful glimmering bay. Chill out next to the calming waters with a cold drink in hand and take in the 1350 steps that wind up to the top of St John’s Fortress. The cliffside town makes for a sight to behold so once you’re done relaxing, it’s time to get your ‘gram on.

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