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What does it mean to be Topdeck crew?

With a thirst for adventure, an endless stream of knowledge and the desire to share their passion for travel with others, Topdeck Road Crew embody the spirit of the brand and all it represents.

They are knowledgeable, curious, friendly, passionate, confident, organised and above all, team players who ensure all trips are delivered in a professional, caring and responsible manner.




What do we look for in our crew?

When it comes to choosing Road Crew, we look for people with a genuine passion for travel and a desire to share that passion with others.

We also look for people with a strong sense of professionalism, who recognise that this is not a paid holiday, but rather a lifestyle job that is both challenging and extremely rewarding.

The ideal Topdeck Crew member is

  • Passionate Crew


    Passionate about our product and the people who travel with us;


  • Enthusiastic Crew


    Enthusiastic and motivated to learn;

  • Hard Working Crew

    Hard Working

    Willing to work hard and approach all challenges with a problem-solving spirit

  • Organised Crew


    Organized and on-time, with the ability to remain flexible where needed.

  • Team player  Crew

    A Team Player

    A team player who is willing to go above and beyond for fellow crew and passengers.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to work as Topdeck Road Crew?

You will need to possess or be eligible for a UK or EU passport. Applicants must ensure their own eligibility and passports must be acquired in time for our training in April 2020. We are unable to accept applications from those with Tier 5 Youth Mobility or UK Ancestry visa as unfortunately these visas restrict movement in the Schengen Zone to 90 days which is less than our season requirements.  

How much will I get paid as Road Crew for Topdeck Travel?

Our Road Crew are contracted on a trip by trip basis. When you are on the road we will cover all of your expenses, including accommodation, meals, travel and some incidentals (including excursions to key sites to keep increasing your knowledge).  We will also pay a daily rate, weekly bonus and food allowance. More details will be discussed with you at interview.  

What if I’m not successful during a stage of recruitment or training? Can I apply again?

Yes, please apply next season! We love to see applicants reapply, it shows us that they are determined and able to take on feedback to succeed.

Will I have any expenses covered for my interview?

During the interview days we are unable to cover any of the expenses. We understand that a lot of our candidates must travel to interview with us and we do try to interview in varying locations. However, due to a high number of applicants and interviewees, we are unable to provide transport to and from interview locations.

How many trips will I get as a member of On Road Crew?

Our trips vary in length from 11 days to 49. The number of trips you run will depend on their length. The team do their best to ensure all crew are allocated the same number of days on the road, regardless of trip length.

What if I can’t make it to an interview day? Am I able to have a Skype interview?

We have several interview days in varying locations so you will be given the opportunity to self-schedule the date and location that works best for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any interviews over Skype

What does the training cover?

Our training will cover the fundamental skills required to fulfil your role and train you on how to work as crew within the Topdeck Family. Our on-road training takes you through many of the destinations we cover before you complete a ‘shadow’ trip with some of our great crew. This training allows you to gain the understanding of how to run an on-road trip, provide unique experiences to our passengers, and so much more.

Will I get paid during Training?

On our Training Trip, we provide our trainees with an allowance to cover expenses. We also cover all expenses, including most meals, all accommodation and transport for the duration of training trip. This is discussed in further detail at interview.

Do I need to have been on a Topdeck Trip to apply?

Not at all! A lot of our current crew had never been on a Topdeck trip before they came to work with us. However, European travel experience is required.

What does Topdeck look for?

At Topdeck we are a big believer that being yourself is the key to everything. What we love most about our crew is that they are all different, but they share a common passion for delivering life changing travel experiences.

What about BREXIT?

Topdeck is closely monitoring any developments to do with Brexit, which is set to occur on 31st October. We’re working with our partners in the travel industry, including ABTA and ETOA to ensure our crew are able to work and travel freely on all of our trips. We will continue to monitor any political updates prior to and after 31st October and reserve the right to amend eligibility requirements based on any significant changes announced.

Where do you interview?

Topdeck searches across the globe to find our fantastic On Road Crew! This year we will be interviewing in:

  • London, UK: September 2019 – December 2019
  • Melbourne, Australia: 22 – 25 October 2019
  • Sydney, Australia: 30 October – 1 November 2019
  • Brisbane, Australia:  4 – 6 November 2019
  • Dublin, Ireland: 21 – 22 November 2019
  • Bucharest, Romania: Dates to be confirmed
  • Rome, Italy: Dates to be confirmed
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