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Turkish Summer Sailing

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Trip Overview

More relaxed than its Croatian cousin and more adventurous than the Greek islands, this trip takes you to off-the-beaten-track destinations you've never even heard of (and probably can't pronounce). From waking up with the rising sun surrounded by jagged limestone cliffs, to exploring tiny villages packed with culture and jewelry studded market stalls, to topping off your day with a sunset BBQ - this is one of our most underrated yet unmissable sailing experiences. Get on board.

Worth noting…

This trip was previously called 'Blue Lagoons'.

This itinerary is subject to change depending on weather and mooring conditions.


Trip Itinerary

  1. Fethiye, Turkey to Tarzan Bay


    Today is officially speak-like-a-pirate day. No swabbing the deck today me hearties, just lots of planking (read: sunbathing) with your new-found shipmates. Sit back, relax and soak up some glorious Mediterranean rays on the way to our first anchorage in Tarzan Bay.

    • Included Today
      • Snorkelling equipment available on board (all week)
    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Tarzan Bay to St Nicholas Island

  3. St Nicholas to Kas

  4. Kas to Aperlai Bay

  5. Aperlai Bay to Gokkaya Bay

  6. Gokkaya Bay to Firnaz Bay

  7. Firnaz Bay to Fethiye

  8. Fethiye


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Sail the scenic Turkish coastline
  • Swim and snorkel in the Aegean Sea
  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz
  • Visit Smugglers Island
  • Visit the sunken city of Kekova


7 nights in an en-suite cabin (twin or double) on a motorised cruising gulet

The Crew

Local qualified captain and crew



Traditional Turkish gulet boat


Optional activities

Tarzan Bay, Turkey

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz: EUR 120

Visit St Nicholas Island: TRY 15 - 25

Visit Butterfly Valley: TRY 5 - 10

Sunset yoga: EUR 15


Kas, Turkey


Scuba diving in Kas: EUR 45


Gokkaya Bay, Turkey


Entry to Simena Castle: TRY 20


Kayaköy, Turkey


Visit the ghost village of Kayaköy: EUR 12


Views & Reviews

Latest Reviews

Average rating based on 4 reviews
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  • Anonymous November 2018

    Lack of joy and fulfilment.

    After my first couple of Euro trips via Topdeck, Ive started to question the value these trips bring in terms of culture and mateship in a time when exploring Great Britain in the new "backyard" has taken a backseat.

    Sailing Turkey was very disappointing in many ways as too many evenings were spent marooned in some "lagoon" with not very much to do. It was very frustrating not having much entertainment after such sumptuous meals which quite often saw incredible amounts of food wastage.

    I was hoping for more culture after seeing Dubrovnik 1.5 years ago.

    Its not getting easier as Im becoming closer to ineligibility for "spring chicken" organised trips.

    This trip just proved to be an absolute lemon as Ive achieved sweet ****** all on the social network front.

    Im happy to participate in social drinking and nights out but when the entertainment is lacking and historical places take a backseat then its a royal rip off.

    The worst parts of the tour were the bull$hit birthday present and music when 90% of the patrons were in CBA state. Never have I felt embarassed and lonely when I need my mates around me. Plus the late departure back to London.

    Two flights/day back to London is a shambles when last evening activities have to be compromised or long journeys home past midnight are the calling. This is a disgrace having to spend 1 day getting back from holidays TIRED rather than refreshed. Ive had to learn the hard way not to trust mirage trips such as the "Blue Lagoons" with no guarantee of social success. This is hard earnt money and annual leave Im putting on the table and the best I get is a mediocre 1 week explorer to SFA.

    These Easyjet airlines are anything but easy to fly. 1 hour stuck on the tarmac??? Absolute shocker. The least they could have done is open the door and suggest I go home. Oh and to ask me to move? To fit a family...ahhh please just put me on a concorde. Absolutely disgusting putting me by the toilets.

    Holidays are supposed to be relaxing NOT stressful.

    What annoys me is looking back and regretting not staying in London and giving another long wknd a chance.

    This is clearly not working and Im not sure what the answer is; Im flaming clueless.

    We cant just sit back and say c'est la vie. We may as well just go and fly to the moon.

  • Connor G November 2018

    Turkey was vibrant and the atmosphere was all i could want for a vacation away from home. My favorite holiday i have been on so far and cant wait to return!

  • Anonymous August 2018


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