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Trip Overview

Point your compass west on this unforgettable trip through some of Europe's most desirable cities. Starting in London, you'll experience seven of the most Instagram-worthy countries in the atlas - from the boulevards of Paris and the to-die-for tapas in Spain, to the colossal monuments in Italy and the mountains of Switzerland. Throw in adventures in Luxembourg and the Netherlands and you've got yourself one sweet Topdeck adventure. Did someone say group selfie?


Trip Itinerary

  1. London, England to Paris, France


    We’re hopping over the English Channel to brush up on our bonjours. Topdeckers, meet Paris! Tonight you’ll treat the tastebuds with your first French meal at our included dinner. Then it’s off on a driving tour to see the City of Light at its best and play landmark bingo with the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe.

    • Included Today
      • English Channel crossing
      • Driving tour of Paris
    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Paris

  3. Paris to Bordeaux

  4. Bordeaux

  5. Bordeaux to Bilbao, Spain

  6. Bilbao to Madrid

  7. Madrid

  8. Madrid to Valencia

  9. Valencia to Barcelona

  10. Barcelona

  11. Barcelona to Marseille, France

  12. Marseille

  13. Marseille to Florence, Italy

  14. Florence

  15. Florence to Rome

  16. Rome

  17. Rome to Venice

  18. Venice

  19. Venice to Swiss Alps, Switzerland

  20. Swiss Alps

  21. Swiss Alps to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

  22. Luxembourg City to Amsterdam, Netherlands

  23. Amsterdam

  24. Amsterdam to London, England


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Driving tour of Paris
  • Wine tasting at Château du Taillan
  • Driving tour of Madrid
  • Walking tour of Valencia
  • Driving tour of Barcelona
  • Walking tour of Marseille
  • Local guide in Florence
  • Walking tour of Rome
  • Orientation tour of Verona
  • Walking tour of Venice
  • Vaporetto ride in Venice
  • Orientation tour of Amsterdam
  • Canal dinner cruise in Amsterdam


-19 nights in hostels, 4 nights in hotel upgrades


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi

Optional activities

-Traditional cabaret show in Paris: from €65

-Seine river cruise: from €10

-Bike tour of Paris: from €28

-Flamenco show: from €13

-Tapas tour of Barcelona: from €30

-Guided tour of Vatican City: from €45

-Get a personalised trip T-shirt: from €21

-Get a personalised trip hoodie: from €32

-Gondola ride: from €20

-Scenic excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe'): from 168.80 CHF

-Skydiving in the Swiss Alps: from 390 CHF (plus 50 CHF deposit)

-Scenic helicopter ride in the Swiss Alps: 195 CHF (plus 20 CHF deposit)

-Skiing in the Swiss Alps: from 169 CHF

-Night sledding in the Swiss Alps: from 79 CHF

-Bike tour of Amsterdam: from €14

Views & Reviews

Latest Reviews

Average rating based on 9 reviews
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  • Daniel H February 2019

    all the locations were awesome however one more day in valencia would have been great

  • Anonymous July 2018

    You do zip pretty quickly through each city, but it's really good for seeing a lot in a fairly short amount of time, without the stress of catching trains and planes on your own. I loved it.

  • Raeven B March 2018

    Western Compass hit the main areas in Europe I have been dying to go to! From Spain, to Italy, all the way to the highest point in Europe (Switzerland) this trip was nothing less than an epic dream! 24 days was the perfect length of time to see everything I wanted to see, and fully get the true European experience!

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