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USA & Canada Adventure

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Trip Overview

Is this trip for you? HISTORIC. DIVERSE. LIVELY.

Game time: would you rather travel the USA or Canada? Psych! On this 12-day adventure you get both rolled into one. Thank us later. From the land of the free and beyond, we'll tick of the A-listers Boston, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit and Chicago. Plus, get sprayed (in the best way) by the mighty Niagara Falls. Visit the homes of sporting legends. Test our waistbands with alllll the diverse foodie delights. And uncover the culturally rich neighbourhoods at the heart-and-soul of these incredible cities. You ready to embrace it all? We thought so.


Trip Itinerary

  1. New York City, New York to Boston, Massachusetts


    This is it. The moment you’ve been dreaming about. The start of your big adventure. And where else would you start, but the Big Apple? Meet the gang, stock up on snacks and whip out the AUX cord – we’re heading to Boston first-thing. A city that was key to the American Revolution and Independence movement, Boston has got a history – and our expert Trip Leader has the low-down on today’s walking-driving tour. Tick off the likes of Bunker Hill, Charleston Bridge, the USS Constitution and North End Neighbourhood. Then? Get cheers-ing with your trip mates over tonight’s included dinner. This is gonna be good.

    • Included Today
      • Walking-driving tour of Boston
    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Boston

  3. Boston to Quebec City, Quebec

  4. Quebec City to Montreal

  5. Montreal

  6. Montreal to Toronto, Ontario

  7. Toronto

  8. Toronto to Detroit, Michigan via Niagara Falls

  9. Detroit 

  10. Detroit to Chicago, Illionois

  11. Chicago

  12. Chicago


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Walking-driving tour of Boston
  • Walking tour of Toronto
  • Driving tour of Detroit
  • See Niagara Falls
  • Driving tour of Chicago


-2 nights in hotels (twin or double), 9 nights in hostels


Modern air-conditioned coach

Optional activities

-Guided tour of Fenway Park: from $25 USD

-Bike tour of Boston: from $60 USD

-Ghost tour of Quebec: from $25 CAD

-Food tour of Montreal: from $45 CAD

-Jet boating in Montreal: from $55 CAD

-Climb the CN Tower: from $25 CAD

-Niagara Fall boat tour: from $40 CAD

-Bike hire in Chicago: from $35 USD

-Chicago city architecture cruise: from $40 USD

-Heli-tour over Chicago: from $125 USD

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