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Our Hotel Trip Style: Check In, Bliss Out


Wanna travel as a couple or a duo? Or do you just want that little bit extra from your Topdeck trip? Say no more. With private en-suite double or twin-share rooms, our Hotel trips through Europe, the USA and Canada are just the ticket for those who want a little extra space to kick back and relax.

Expect comfort, privacy and plenty of chill time to grab those zzz’s. With all of the amazing destinations you’ll be ticking off, you can bet that extra beauty sleep will come in handy.

Hotel Trips with Topdeck


Get comfortable

With comfy twin or double beds to help you drift off to the land of nod, our Hotel trips will add that extra little bit of luxe to your Topdeck experience. And with en-suite facilities, you can forget having to wait in line for the shower!




Enjoy more privacy

Like your own space? We reckon Hotel is the trip style for you. Whether you’re travelling with a friend, as a couple or going it solo, our twin and double-share Hotel rooms are the perfect place to enjoy some alone time.




Travel as a couple

Want to do a Topdeck trip with your significant other – but don’t want to wind up in separate dorms? No problem. Hotel trips are the way to go! With this trip style, you can snag yourself cosy double rooms throughout your trip. Easy!




Check off heaps of destinations

Where do you wanna go? Paris or Rome? Psych! With our Hotel trips, you can do both. With our multi-destination itineraries, you can check off loads of amazing cities in just one trip. Prepare for LOTS of new stamps in your passport.




Stay in 3-4 star hotels

Kick back and relax. On our Hotel trips, you’ll stay in twin or double-share rooms in 3+ star hotels, so you can expect to wake up feeling rested and raring to go. Every Topdecker needs their creature comforts sometimes, right?



Bucket List Highlights

  • eiffel_tower

    Tuck into a gourmet picnic by the Eiffel Tower

    Ready to wrap your taste buds around something epic? Then, in the words of a certain candelabra we all know and love, be our guest! Our Topdeck picnic by the Eiffel Tower is one Hotel trip experience you’ll never forget.

  • rocky_mountains

    Visit a ranch in the Rocky Mountains

    Zip up those boots, queue ‘Home on the Range’ and prepare for a slice of Old West-style America at our ranch visit in the Rockies. Craving a taste of the simple life? Good. This Hotel trip-only experience is just what Mother Nature ordered!

  • walking_tour_of_rome

    Take a walking tour of Rome

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. But, so help us, we’ll walk it in a day! As you whisk past the mighty Colosseum, the glittering Trevi Fountain and the iconic Spanish Steps with your Hotel tripmates, you're sure to get swept up in this historic city’s magic.

Hotel Tour Destinations

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Live out your epic Euro trip! Eat eclairs by the Louvre and gelati on a gondola in Venice. A Topdeck Europe trip will tick all your bucket list dreams. 

Between the bling of Beverly Hills and the up-all-night excitement of New York, the USA is packed eye-candy. Make your American dream come true with Topdeck.

See fresh snow on the slopes in Whistler then chillax in the hot springs of the national park. Start planning your Topdeck adventure to Canada. 


How much luggage can I bring?

Each person is allowed one item of standard size luggage (backpacks and sleeping bags only on Camping trips), plus a day pack.

The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lb/20kg – and the size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Due to weight regulations for coaches in Europe, passengers with overweight luggage may be asked to offload the excess on the morning the trip departs (eek).

Please also note that small, hard suitcases can’t be taken on board – both for safety and comfort!

Can I start late or finish the trip early?

No worries. We don’t offer any compensation for hours/days missed, though. And bear in mind that you might miss out on some awesome activities!

How does a sector trip work?

An example is the Essential Europe trip, which starts and finishes in London. This trip is split into two sectors: Roman Pathway (London to Rome) and Caesar’s Footsteps (Rome to London).

If you book onto the Roman Pathway trip, you’ll start in London with passengers who have booked the whole Essential Europe trip – and finish when the trip gets to Rome.

If you book onto the Caesar’s Footsteps trip, you’ll start in Rome and finish in London along with everyone on the Essential Europe trip.

Got it? Great!

How much money should I bring with me?

It varies! Obvs, there are loads of great souvenirs to be bought and an awesome social scene to get involved in (if that’s your thing). Heaps of your meals are also included, so this really just leaves a few meals and your personal spending to budget for.

Throughout the trip, your Trip Leader will also let you know about optional activities that you can do, such as gondola rides in Venice or excursions up the Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland – so keep this in mind when budgeting too!

What visas do I need?

The best place to find visa information is www.projectvisa.com. Or, you can contact your local embassy.

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