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China Tours: Take on this epic country one bucket list item at a time

Come and sample the best that China has to offer with a trip to China with Topdeck. 

We’re talking all the sights: The Great Wall of China (obvs), the Terracotta Warriors and Tiananmen Square. But, that’s just for starters. Did we mention pandas? Yep, it’s happening! 

Plus, it wouldn’t be China without baskets of yummy local food. China is calling, so you better get those bags packed. And, GO! 

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China Live

12 days / 2 countries

Start: Beijing

End: Kowloon

From A$3,939.00 A$3,939.00
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China Tours: Things to Do

  • asia-china-great-wall

    Visit the Great Wall of China

    On the 'China Live'

    Start shortening your China bucket list with a trip to the Great Wall of China. Check out the amazing views and explore this awesome structure which dates back more than 2,000 years. The best part? The toboggan (or the cable car if that’s more your thing).

  • summer-palac

    Explore the Summer Palace in Beijing

    On the 'China Live'

    So, you’ve heard about the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, but have you checked out the Summer Palace in Beijing? During the Qing dynasty, the Emperor and nobles used to kick back in this oasis filled with lakes, gardens and palaces (away from the hustle and bustle of Beijing crowds). Go on, make like a royal and get exploring!

  • rice-terraces-in-longsheng

    See the rice terraces in Longsheng

    On the 'China Live'

    Snap your heart out and hike the layers of rice terraces carved into the mountainside at Longsheng. Check out the views from the summit, aka ‘Dragon’s Backbone’, and get all the adventure feels. The views from this place are so picture-perfect, it doesn’t look real!

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