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Trip Overview

Is this trip for you? MODERN. SHORT-BUT-SWEET. CAPTIVATING. You could spend another week stuck in traffic, slugging it out at work or cringing through another episode of Too Hot To Handle...OR you could spend 7 jam-packed days stuffing yourself on culinary delights in Osaka, exploring the ultra-modern Tokyo, getting high (in cable car) at Hakone and belting out karaoke in Kyoto. It’s up to you.

Worth noting…

On this trip you'll be travelling like a local. Meaning? Pack light! You’ll need to make sure your luggage is no bigger than 160 cm in total (height x width x length) for travel on the Shinkansen (aka bullet train).

Trip Itinerary

  1. Tokyo, Japan


    Ready to experience the new and exotic? You came to the right place. Meet the crew in Tokyo and get ready for 7 jam-packed days of stuffing your face, exploring the ultra-modern and uncovering ancient traditions – not to mention all the weird, whacky and totally wonderful in between. We’ll kick things off with a city tour visiting the likes of Senso-ji Temple and 500-year-old Nakamise Shopping Street. Then: head over to Akihabara to experience the unique anime culture – before spending the rest of the afternoon hanging out in uber-cool Harajuku and Shibuya districts. Don’t forget to walk the famous Shibuya crossing or see the Meiji Shrine while you’re at it. What. A. Day. Hungry? Thought so. Get to know your new trip mates over tonight’s included dinner. Yep, you’re actually here.

    • Included Today
      • Full-day city tour of Tokyo
    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Tokyo

  3. Tokyo

  4. Tokyo to Kyoto

  5. Kyoto

  6. Kyoto to Osaka

  7. Osaka


What's included

Included Experiences

  • - Full-day city tour of Tokyo
  • - Group karaoke experience
  • - Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto
  • - Visit the Kinkaku-ji Temple
  • - Visit the Arashiyama bamboo forest
  • - Visit Umeda Sky Building
  • - Visit Osaka Castle


- 6 nights in hostels



High speed trains and public transport

Optional activities

- Day trip to Mount Fuji from: 16471 JYP

- Anime Manga Tour from: prices available locally

- Evening walking tour of Shinjuku from: prices available locally

- Sushi making experience from: 8824 JPY

- East Tokyo neighbourhood cycling tour from: prices available locally

- Visit the Robot Restaurant from: 9,000 JPY

- Dress as a Geisha or samurai from: 9,600 JPY

Views & Reviews

Latest Reviews

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  • Tamzyn S February 2020

    good, wish more time was spent in Osaka rather than Kyoto though

  • Kelera February 2020

    Great tour guide, was slightly disapointed with the group dinner at the end as it seemed a bit rushed. But other than that enjoyed the group and all the activities and sights I got to experience.

  • Anonymous December 2019

    I probably will not travel with Topdeck again because I found that it was not really an informational tour. They basically dropped us off at the spot and told us a meeting time. I thought there could have been more. Also the restaurants they chose as included meals were too cheap and not worth the money. I would have preferred to have them actually put more effort in quality food choices that reflected the culture.

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