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Southern Cities of Australia Tours

Discover Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and much more

Explore Australia's most cosmopolitan cities and savour the natural beauty of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales on a Topdeck trip in Australia's south.

There natural beauty keeps on coming ocean lookouts and the Twelve Apostles as you travel the spectacular Great Ocean Road and 167,000 hectares of bushlands in the Grampians. Not to mentions the ancient rock art and meeting the tradition land owners to learn more about Aboriginal culture. 

Adelaide is littered with award winning wineries so of course you have to try them. Clare Valley, Barossa… BINGO! And throw in some classic Aussie pubs for good measure.

In the heart of South Australia are the Flinders Ranges filled with mountains, gorges and refreshing rivers and nearby is Coober Pedy where the locals’ homes are carved underground to escape the heat. 

From cities full of hidden bars and pop-culture to traditional aboriginal artwork in national parks surrounded by the spectacular sights of the Aussie Outback, delve in to the southern states of Australia with Topdeck!

Featured Southern Cities, Australia Trips

Australia/Pacific | Explorer

Rock N Canyon

4 days / 1 country

Start: Ayers Rock

End: Alice Springs

From A$799.00 A$799.00
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Australia/Pacific | Explorer

East Coast Beachin

14 days / 1 country

Start: Sydney

End: Cairns

From A$3,299.00 A$3,299.00
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Australia/Pacific | Explorer

Tropical Suntanner

6 days / 1 country

Start: Airlie Beach

End: Cairns

From A$1,860.00 A$1,860.00
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Australia/Pacific | Explorer

East Coast Cruisin'

11 days / 1 country

Start: Sydney

End: Airlie Beach

From A$3,290.00 A$3,290.00
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Southern Cities: Things to Do

  • coober-pedy-kangaroo-orphanage

    Visit a kangaroo orphanage in Coober Pedy

    On the 'Outback Gem'

    Prepare for some eye-watering cuteness at the Coober Pedy Kangaroo orphanage. Stop by at feeding time to see little joeys nursed to grow up big and strong and ready for the wild. There’s even a chance for some kangaroo kisses so get ready for an overload of adorable.

  • great-ocean-road-cruise

    Cruise the Great Ocean Road

    On the 'Outback Adventure'

    It just might be the most breathtaking road trip you’ll take in Australia. See the blue waters of crash against the rocks as you make your way to the Twelve Apostles for a spectacular sunset view. Cameras at the ready!

  • grampian-mountain-ranges

    Meet Indigenous Landowners

    On the 'Down South & Outback'

    In the gorgeous Grampian Mountain Ranges, you’ll meet traditional landowners, the Djab Wurrung and Jardwadjal people. Learn about aboriginal culture, hear dreamtime stories and paint your own boomerang. We guarantee you’ll want to come back. 

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