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Sail Croatia

Croatia Sailing with Topdeck

Ready to go island hopping between the amazing UNESCO-listed Croatian cities of Dubrovnik and Split on the OMG Dalmatian Coast? Yeah, you are! Soak up the sun on the deck of your amazing yacht, then dive straight into the Adriatic Sea. With waters this perfect, you won’t need a cutlass to make you jump overboard...

But it’s not just sundecks and swimsuits – while you're here, you'll have plenty of time to shake off your sea legs and explore stunning medieval cities, imposing fortresses and national parks.

Get excited, Game of Thrones fans: not only can you kayak around the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing) but you can also sign up for a walking tour and get up close and personal with all the major sights.

Climb aboard mateys! We’re setting sail on a summer holiday like no other...

So many reasons to set sail with Topdeck

Croatian Riviera Plus (Meridijan)

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Croatian Riviera Plus (Leonardo)

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Sail Croatia: Things To Do

  • kayak_around_dubrovnik

    Kayaking around the City Walls of Dubrovnik

    On the 'Croatian Riviera'

    Can’t get enough of the Croatian waters? We don’t blame you. So why not keep a good thing rolling (or rowing?) by kayaking around the ancient walls of Dubrovnik. See this medieval wonder from a whole new perspective – and hope you’d be on a bigger boat if you ever tried to storm King’s Landing from the sea.

  • unesco_listed_split

    UNESCO Heritage Cities

    On the 'Dubrovnik Dreams'

    Croatia has not one, but TWO phenomenal World Heritage-listed cities in Dubrovnik and Split. Do you want to walk along 16th-century fortifications staring out over gorgeous blue waters? How about an opulent Franciscan monastery or a 700-year-old pharmacy where people still pop in for their prescriptions? You’ll feel like Marco Polo exploring these amazing cities.

  • korcula_old_town

    Tour the Old Town of Korcula

    On the 'Adriatic Sunsets'

    Korcula juts out into azure waters on a thin peninsula – giving you an amazing view as you walk its seawall, scoping out a dinner spot for the evening. A guided tour takes you beyond the bastions and weaves along the stone pathways leading you to museums and churches. Later: a climb to the top of one of the cathedral’s towers for a classy afternoon cocktail. Bliss.

  • mljet_national_park

    Visit Mljet National Park

    On the 'Croatian Riviera'

    You’ll find travelling inland on the Adriatic islands is no less beautiful than lounging on their picturesque coastlines. Mljet National Park's untouched Mediterranean forests are a wonder to walk through, with two saltwater lakes and a Benedictine monastery. Ahhh, the serenity. Take a moment to enjoy it before we take off chasing that famous Croatian nightlife.

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