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Germany Tours: Experience Berlin’s Fascinating History

Think beer steins, castles, lederhosen, roasted pork knuckles and hipster cities, and you've got yourself one epic trip to Germany. 

Get amongst Berlin's fascinating history (and its awesome nightlife scene), mix with the locals in Munich's beer halls and explore the beautiful Rhine Valley region. It's all here. 

Ready for your Germany trip with Topdeck? Thought so.

Featured Germany Trips

Europe | Hostel Plus

East Meets West

15 days / 8 countries

Start: Budapest

End: London

From A$2,799.00 A$2,799.00
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Europe | Hostel Plus

Europe Express

11 days / 5 countries

Start: London

End: London

From A$2,189.00 A$2,189.00
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Europe | Hostel Plus

Winter Waltz

7 days / 3 countries

Start: Prague

End: London

From A$1,169.00 A$1,169.00
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Things to Do in Germany

  • oktoberfest-experience

    Officially the world’s biggest party, Oktoberfest draws a crowd of seven million people every year to celebrate the three best things to come out of Germany: beer, bratwurst and pretzels. Like Disneyland for adults, this is one not to miss. Are you ready for the Oktoberfest experience? Prost!

  • brandenburg-gate

    Explore Berlin

    On the 'East Meets West'

    Get ready for one big adventure in Germany's thriving capital! Start by ticking off the most famous sites: Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building. Later, delve into alternative Berlin by gramming its street art pieces that left a mark on this urban metropolis. From rooftop bars with 10/10 sunset views to amazing DJs and nightlife, there’s a reason why this vibrant city is at the top of every Euro traveller’s list!

  • munich-tours

    Ahh Bavaria, the land of Lederhosen, alpine landscapes and the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle. As well as the famous liquid gold beer and hearty Bavarian cuisine, there’s so much to see in Germany’s largest state. Make a beeline for Bavaria’s capital, Munich, to get a taste for the best food, culture, museums and attractions the region has to offer. A trip to the historic Hofbräuhaus, comin’ right up!

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