• A wide view of a small hamlet in Switzerland in the valley of it's vast mountainscape.

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Switzerland Tours: Hike the Swiss Alps and See Spectacular Landscapes

Towering mountains, fairytale villages, and all the Swiss chocolate. Yep, a visit to Switzerland is where it's at.

Switzerland has some impressive natural landscapes that must be seen to be believed. So, whether it's taking the journey up the Jungfrau Railway for OMG views or heading out on a hike in the Alps to breathe in that fresh mountain air, if you end the day with some yummy cheese fondue, you're onto a winner.   

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Europe | Play & Pause

Play & Pause: Epic European

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Switzerland Tours: Things to Do

  • A Topdeck traveler looks out over the snow topped mountains of the Swiss Alps.

    Take a trip to the ‘Top of Europe’

    On the 'Trail to the Alps'

    A trip on the Jungfrau Railway is an absolute must when you’re in the Swiss Alps. Grab your ticket and head up, up and away through stunning mountain landscape and get ready to say ‘wow’ 100 times over. Once at the top of to Jungfraujoch, you’ll be at a dizzying height of 3,454 metres above sea level with views over the Aletsch Glacier and beyond. Cameras at the ready!

  • Water crashes down from Switzerland's famous Rhine Falls.

    Explore Swiss mountains and waterfalls

    On the 'Winter Express'

    From Rhine Falls to the famous Toblerone mountain (aka Matterhorn), Switzerland knows how to serve up those epic nature views. Whether you’re a hiking pro or just keen for a quick walk in the fresh mountain air, Switzerland is where it’s at. In postcard-perfect Lauterbrunnen, stroll through the valley and take in the sheer cliffs and waterfalls. Spoiled for choice, much?

  • An evening view of the Chapel Bridge footbridge dating back to the 14th Century, located in Lucrene.

    Visit Lucerne

    Does Switzerland get much better than beautiful Lucerne? You be the judge on a trip to this lakeside city as you see the famous sites, including the historic wooden Chapel Bridge dating back to the 14th century. Make sure you leave enough time to try the finest cheese and chocolate around.

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