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Winter Rhapsody

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Trip Overview

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy? Pump up the travel tunes and get ready for our awesome Winter Rhapsody trip, taking in some of Eastern Europe's most scenic destinations. See the likes of Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Kraków and Prague come to life in the snowy months and learn exactly why travelling Europe in winter is a must-do. Trust us - this trip will be music to your ears. Let's go!

Worth noting…
A Sector trip is part of a larger journey, meaning your new friends might continue on or after you leave, or you might be joining a trip already in progress. This trip is a sector of the Winter Spirit.

This is a sector of the 24 Day Winter Spirit trip.


Trip Itinerary

  1. Rome, Italy


    Meet your Trip Leader, then step back to 753 BC in one of the world's oldest open-air museums on a walking tour. Time to give that bucket list a workout! Pass by the Pantheon, throw your two cents in the Trevi Fountain, sit on the Spanish Steps and round things off with a photo op at the mighty Colosseum. Tonight, you're in Disneyland for foodies. Have fun!

    • Included Today
      • Walking tour of Rome
  2. Rome

  3. Rome to Venice

  4. Venice

  5. Venice to Salzburg, Austria

  6. Salzburg

  7. Salzburg to Vienna

  8. Vienna to Budapest, Hungary

  9. Budapest

  10. Budapest to Krakow, Poland

  11. Krakow

  12. Krakow to Prague, Czech Republic

  13. Prague

  14. Prague to Berlin, Germany

  15. Berlin

  16. Berlin to Amsterdam, Netherlands

  17. Amsterdam

  18. Amsterdam to London, England


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Walking tour of Rome
  • Orientation tour of Verona
  • Walking tour of Venice
  • Vaporetto ride in Venice
  • Walking tour of Salzburg
  • Driving tour of Vienna
  • Walking tour of Bratislava
  • Driving tour of Budapest
  • Walking tour of Kraków
  • Visit former concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Walking tour of Prague
  • Orientation tour of the restored city of Dresden
  • Driving tour of Berlin
  • Orientation tour of Amsterdam
  • Canal dinner cruise in Amsterdam


-15 nights in hostels, 2 nights in bungalows


Modern air-conditioned coach equipped with free Wi-Fi

Optional activities

-Guided tour of Vatican City: from €45

-Gondola ride in Venice: from €20

-Get a personalised trip T-shirt: from €21

-Get a personalised trip hoodie: from €32

-Snowboarding/skiing in the Austrian Alps: from €83

-Tickets to the Sound of Vienna Orchestra: from €40

-Tickets to the Sound of Vienna Orchestra (dinner included): from €62

-Dinner cruise on the Danube river: from €35

-Third Reich walking tour of Berlin: from €12

-Street art and nightlife tour of Berlin: from €20

-Bike tour of Amsterdam: from €14

Views & Reviews

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  • Anonymous January 2018

    Loved this Trip! Loved our trip leader Danny! Was an amazing experience! :)

  • Nicola B January 2018

    You don't get that much included. And I looked up on of the Berlin tours and the company runs this for FREE!! Where as we paid 15 euro for it.

  • Anonymous January 2018

    Could have had more included group meals, or at least organised by the tour leader as optional instead of dropping us off in the town square after a long day on the bus, straight into a walking tour and then left to find something and eat within an hour.

    The included meals were below average across the board and felt rushed to get in and out (by the restaurant).

    In my pack information it listed as a towel not needed, that was incorrect. I packed one anyway, luckily otherwise I’d have to pay for a towel in each location.

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