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Trip Overview

New York needs no introduction. You've seen the soaring skyscrapers and sparkling lights of Times Square illuminate your TV screen a thousand times before, but now's your chance to experience The Big Apple for yourself. Make the most of your New York-minute with the buffet of activities on offer: jump aboard a harbour cruise, ogle the sights from the One World Tower and get underneath the city's skin with your Metro Pass. Life drawing class? You got it. Pizza party at 3am? No dramas. Get a good night's sleep before you arrive. You're going to need it.


Trip Itinerary

  1. New York City, NY


    You've seen it in the movies; you've read about all the icons; but nothing compares to actually experiencing New York City for yourself. Take a minute and prep yourself for the totally awesome adventure you're about to embark on. Tonight, meet with the group at the welcome meeting and get ready to set food in the concrete jungle. We've got some great included activities to help you get your bearings and see some of those big-ticket landmarks, but this is one big, buzzing city that you can explore any which way.

    • Included Today
      • 7-day NY Metro Pass
  2. New York City

  3. New York City

  4. New York City


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Food tour of Manhattan
  • Entry to One World Observatory


3 nights accommodation in a hostel


A range of locally sourced transport.

Optional activities

New York - New York City

NYC TV & Movie Tour: $40 USD

Bike tour of Central Park: $45 USD

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