• Topdeck tour group taking a stop on the Brooklyn Bridge, gazing out at the New York City skyline.

Get Social: USA & Canada Express

Trip Overview

TRIP VIBE = fast-paced fun with tons of socialising, bucket-list sights and good times all round. Game time: would you rather travel the USA or Canada? Psych! On this 12-day adventure you get both rolled into one. From the land of the free and beyond, we’ll tick off the A-listers New York, Boston, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Washington, DC. Plus, get sprayed (in the best way) by the mighty Niagara Falls. Visit the homes of sporting legends. Test our waistbands with alllll the diverse foodie delights. And uncover the heart-and-soul of these incredible cities. Ready to embrace it all? We thought so.

Tales From Topdeckers

Trip itinerary

  1. New York City, New York


    The Big Apple. One iconic city to kick off one UNbelievable US and Canadian adventure. Makes sense. First: get some bucket listers under your belt with a driving-walking tour of NYC’s hot spots. Then? Get cheers-ing your trip mates over tonight’s included dinner. Ready for 12 days of jam-packed, fun-filled North American road trippin’? Hell yeah!

    • Included Today
      • Driving/walking tour of New York with Trip Leader
    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. New York City to Boston, Massachusetts

  3. Boston

  4. Boston to Quebec City, Quebec

  5. Quebec City to Montreal

  6. Montreal

  7. Montreal to Toronto, Ontario

  8. Toronto

  9. Toronto to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, via Niagara Falls

  10. Pittsburgh to Washington, DC

  11. Washington, DC

  12. Washington, DC, to New York City, New York


What's included

Included experiences

  • - Driving/walking tour of New York with Trip Leader
  • - Driving/walking tour of Boston with Trip Leader
  • - Orientation walk of Quebec with Trip Leader
  • - Driving/walking tour of Montreal with Trip Leader
  • - Walking tour of Toronto with Trip Leader
  • - Visit Niagara Falls
  • - Driving/walking tour of Pittsburgh with Trip Leader
  • - Driving/walking tour of Washington, DC with Trip Leader


- 8 nights in hostels, 3 nights in hotel-style accommodation (twin or double)


- Air-conditioned coach

Optional activities

- FYI: these are optional activities available locally. Things might change – prices are here to give you a rough idea.

- Guided tour of Fenway Park: from $25 USD

- Bike tour of Boston: from $60 USD

- Ghost tour of Quebec: from $25 CAD

- Food tour of Montreal: from $45 CAD

- Jet boating in Montreal: from $55 CAD

- Climb the CN Tower in Toronto: from $25 CAD

- Niagara Falls boat tour: from $40 CAD

- Bike or Segway tour of Washington, DC: from $40 USD

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