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Get Social: USA West to East

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Trip Overview

TRIP VIBE = fast-paced fun with tons of socialising, bucket-list sights and good times all round.There are road trips. And then there are USA road trips. This country was built for awesome drives and that feeling of being FREE. This 19-day adventure’s no different. We’re gonna hit cities with serious main character energy (Las Vegas, baby!), sway to blues (and ghouls) in New Orleans and go A-List hunting in Hollywood. PLUS: there are some epic views (and food) to feast your eyes on along the way. If you’re after iconic sights with a stars ‘n’ stripes edge AND a coach full of travel besties, you’re in the right place.

Tales From Topdeckers

Trip itinerary

  1. Los Angeles (California)


    La la land: a city characterised by its blissful lack of touch with reality. It’s the perfect place to ditch your everyday routine and catapult into a cross-country USA adventure! First: meet your Topdeck fam. This lot? They’re your people. Then: we’ll dig into our included group dinner and get pumped for good times. Ready for over two weeks’ worth of OG road trippin’? Hell yeah!

    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Los Angeles – Las Vegas (Nevada)

  3. Las Vegas

  4. Las Vegas – Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) – Flagstaff

  5. Flagstaff – Grand Canyon National Park – Flagstaff

  6. Flagstaff – Monument Valley – Durango (Colorado)

  7. Durango – Santa Fe – Albuquerque (New Mexico)

  8. Albuquerque – Amarillo (Texas)

  9. Amarillo – Fort Worth

  10. Fort Worth – Dallas – Fort Worth

  11. Fort Worth – New Orleans (Louisiana)

  12. New Orleans

  13. New Orleans – Memphis (Tennessee)

  14. Memphis – Nashville

  15. Nashville

  16. Nashville – Charlotte (North Carolina)

  17. Charlotte – Washington, DC

  18. Washington, DC

  19. Washington, DC – Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) – New York City (New York)


What's included

Included experiences

  • - Las Vegas Strip highlights drive
  • - Meow Wolf Light Show
  • - Entry to Grand Canyon National Park
  • - Entry to Monument Valley Tribal Park
  • - Sante Fe highlights drive
  • - Visit the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo
  • - Visit Fort Worth Historic Stockyards
  • - Dallas highlights drive
  • - Visit Billy Bob’s Texas honky-tonk
  • - Walking tour of New Orleans’ French Quarter
  • - Walking tour of Memphis
  • - Driving/walking tour of Nashville with Trip Leader
  • - Night illumination tour of Washington, DC
  • - Philadelphia highlights drive


- 13 nights in hotel-style accommodation, 5 nights in hostels


- Air-conditioned coach

Optional activities

- FYI: these are optional activities available locally. Things might change – prices are here to give you a rough idea.

- Heli-tour over the Las Vegas Strip: prices available locally

- Heli-tour over the Grand Canyon: prices available locally

- Monument Valley Navajo jeep tour: prices available locally

- Horse riding in Durango (summer only): prices available locally

- Zip-lining in Durango (summer only): prices available locally

- Snowmobile tour in Durango (winter only): prices available locally

- Hot air ballooning in Amarillo: prices available locally

- New Orleans cooking class: prices available locally

- Swamp tour in New Orleans (summer only): prices available locally

- Visit to Mardi Gras World (winter only): prices available locally

- Morning visit to Graceland: prices available locally

- Visit National Civil Rights Museum: prices available locally

- Line dancing class at the Wildhorse Saloon: prices available locally

- Grand Ole Opry show: prices available locally

- Visit Country Music Hall of Fame: prices available locally

- Visit Music City Walk of Fame Park

- Visit Slingshot Social Game Club in Charlotte: prices available locally

- Bike tour of Washington, DC: prices available locally

Views & Reviews

Latest Reviews

Average rating based on 14 reviews
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  • Anonymous March 2024

    I had a lot of fun on this trip and really enjoyed most of it, the tour group was pretty great and I got exactly what I wanted in regards to having people to travel with.
    The itinerary was pretty good, it covered a lot of great spots across the country so you will get a decent idea of some of the highlights the USA has to offer. However, not all of it was amazing. The biggest issue I had was that the advertised itinerary was misleading, we stayed in Fort Worth instead of Dallas and only were provided a 3hr return trip to Dallas from the hotel in Fort Worth. It looks like this has been communicated and fixed already, which is good, just frustrating as I expected to have more time in Dallas. The strangest decision in regards to the itinerary was we stopped off at beautiful Santa Fe for lunch, then stayed the night in Albuquerque which we were told was dodgy/dangerous at night, and best to stay near the hotel. Given they were only an hour apart I don't understand why we wouldn't stay at Santa Fe instead.
    There were a lot of pitstops in the middle of nowhere or at truck stops where the only food options were fast-food. This is probably just 'Murica rather than something in the control of Topdeck, but it's worth keeping in mind that where you go is very spread out with not much in between.
    The optional activities were great, definitely recommend the heli trip over Grand Canyon, the jeep ride in Monument Valley, the horse riding and ziplining in Durango and the bike ride in DC. I don't recommend the swamp tour in New Orleans. If it was like 20 minutes long, didn't take so long to get there and it wasn't bitterly cold then maybe it would be alright, it was just really uninteresting for the most part (I started nodding off a couple of times). You really don't see much, it's all the same, gators are the only interesting part.
    The accommodation was all really good, some questioned the hotels but I thought for a whirlwind tour like this they were all very satisfactory. Even the hostels were quite nice. The only issue was that often we were staying well outside the town/city and had to catch Ubers to get in, or just not really go anywhere. I feel like they could compromise a little bit of time to have us stay somewhere closer to the action.
    The bus driver was a bit weird and he unfortunately was a source of discussion the whole trip, a few of the women felt a bit uncomfortable (not in a dangerous/creepy way, just how he talked to them).
    If you want to see America and don't have a clue where to go then I'd recommend this tour, it gives you a good idea/taste of it. Definitely spend extra time in New York City though, that's the real highlight of the US.

  • Anonymous November 2023
  • Anonymous November 2023
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