• Play & Pause: USA West to East

Play & Pause: USA West to East

Trip Overview

(Most similar to this previous trip: Road Trip USA (ex. Los Angeles)) TRIP VIBE = the perfect mix of group activities and all-important YOU time. Life is a highway. And this 18-day all-American adventure is the route to living YOUR best life. From the iconic capitals of the big screen to the culture-infused cities everyone’s raving about: this is one SUPERsized roadie. Get to know the big guns of the East, uncover the hidden gems of the South and lose yourself the otherworldly landscapes of the West – with plenty of free time thrown in the mix. If you really want to do the USA, this trip is it.

Trip itinerary

  1. Los Angeles, California


    La la land: a city characterised by its blissful lack of touch with reality. It’s the perfect place to ditch your everyday routine and catapult into a cross-country USA adventure. First: meet the small bunch of trip mates sharing the ride. Then we’ll get our bearings around this ginormous city on a driving tour – ticking off the big guns as we go. Tonight, dig into an included group dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and get pumped for good times. Ready for over two weeks’ worth of OG road trippin’? Hell yeah!

    • Included Today
      • Los Angeles highlights drive
    • Meals
      • Dinner
  2. Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Navada

  3. Las Vegas

  4. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon region, Arizona

  5. Grand Canyon to Durango, Colorado, via Monument Valley

  6. Durango

  7. Durango to Albuquerque, New Mexico, via Santa Fe

  8. Albuquerque to Amarillo, Texas

  9. Amarillo to Dallas, via Fort Worth

  10. Dallas

  11. Dallas to New Orleans, Louisiana

  12. New Orleans

  13. New Orleans to Nashville, Tennessee

  14. Nashville

  15. Nashville to Charlotte, North Carolina

  16. Charlotte to Washington, DC

  17. Washington, DC

  18. Washington, DC to New York City, New York, via Philadelphia


What's included

Included experiences

  • - Los Angeles highlights drive
  • - Las Vegas Strip highlights drive
  • - Entry to Grand Canyon National Park
  • - Entry to Monument Valley Tribal Park
  • - Visit the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo
  • - Visit Fort Worth Historic Stockyards
  • - Walking tour of New Orleans with Trip Leader
  • - Driving/walking tour of Nashville with Trip Leader
  • - Night illumination tour of Washington, DC
  • - Philadelphia highlights drive


- 17 nights in hotels, motels and lodges


- Air-conditioned coach

Optional activities

- FYI: these are optional activities available locally. Things might change – prices are here to give you a rough idea.

- Heli-tour over the Las Vegas Strip: from $130 USD

- Ride the High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas: from $40 USD

- Visit a Las Vegas shooting range: from $100 USD

- Heli-tour over the Grand Canyon: from $290 USD

- Monument Valley Navajo jeep tour: prices available locally

- Horse riding in Durango (summer only): from $95 USD

- Zip-lining in Durango (summer only): from $130 USD

- Snowmobile tour in Durango (winter only): prices available locally

- Swamp tour in New Orleans: from $22 USD

- Cooking demonstration in New Orleans: from $34 USD

- Charlotte Motor Speedway tour: from $25 USD

- Bike or Segway tour of Washington, DC: from $40 USD

Views & Reviews

Latest Reviews

Average rating based on 4 reviews
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  • Anonymous August 2022

    A lot went wrong on our trip; guide not knowing names of those in tour group (or anything about the places we were going), guide only asking the people at the front of the bus for opinions, general admin disasters.
    When we got to most hotels they either had us sharing a physical bed with another tourist, didn't have a reservation for some people, or the hotel was simply in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.
    Never passed on dietary requirements to restaurants and hotels so vegans etc constantly disappointed and spending their own money on breakfasts that should have been complimentary.
    On more than one occasion spent a long time in a town with nothing in it which should only have been an hour lunch break max.
    Listed optional activities in their guide that were no longer available (yet they want you to download the guide right before you go to the airport so it's up-to-date).
    That's just a gist of some of the annoyances; after a while you get beyond the point of caring and just expect a disaster to happen at some point during the day.

  • Jasmin Ga August 2022

    It was a good trip, the food was not. I wish there was more group activities other than dinners and lunches.

  • Anonymous August 2022

    Tour was disappointing. Very limited and incorrect information from the tour guide about the states we were in. Some of the hotels and motels were so far away from food places and main districts that we used Uber/ Uber eats often. Not sure what topdeck’s recovery has been like since covid but compare to other Topdeck tours I’ve done in the past, this one felt very disorganised.

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