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Ready to set the real you free in the USA? Mentally prepare yourself to fill in the blanks during a Vegas trip. Stay awake until the sun gives NYC skyscrapers a glow up at dawn. And sway to blues and ghouls along the Mississippi River. Want MORE? Feel on top of the world at The Grand Canyon. Literally. Absorb the stories Yosemite National Park whispers in your ear. Or step onto the chilling island off the coast of San Fran with one of the daily Alcatraz trips.

Our group tours of the USA are brimming with glitz, glamour and good times. You’ll hit all the top monuments in America (say g’day to Lady Liberty herself) and eat EVERYTHING you can get your hands on. Pack loose clothing – the US food scene takes no prisoners.

A USA road trip is nothing without our legendary Trip Leaders – you're about to have the time of your LIFE!

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North America | Get Social

Get Social: USA West to East

19 days / 1 country

Start: Los Angeles

End: New York City

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North America | Get Social

Get Social: USA East to West

19 days / 1 country

Start: New York City

End: Los Angeles

From US$3,959.20 US$4,949.00
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Ready to take a BITE of the Big Apple? Get the goss on the steps of The Met. Drink cosmos a la Carrie Bradshaw in Manhattan area. Blaze across Brooklyn Bridge on a New York tour. Quick-fire list of things to do in NYC? Times Square. Statue of Liberty. Central Park. West End. Chaotic, glorious, INTOXICATING, New York attractions never stop in the city that never sleeps. Grab the biggest coffee you can find and stuff your face with a LEGENDARY New York pizza slice (or ten) – you're gonna need it.

Ever wondered what goes bump in the night? Voodoo, vampires, and your hips in the magnetic French Quarter. This exuberant city stays up WAY past your bedtime. NOLA’s soothing lullaby? Rhythmic jazz. Fancy giving your tastebuds heaps of love? Tangy cocktails are a melody in your mouth. Global cuisines in famous New Orleans restaurants explode with flavour. Hangover-free the next morning? Whether you spot a swamp ’gator or light a candle in haunted cemeteries, New Orleans attractions during the day are as bewitching as its nightlife. It’s about to get lit.

Hungry for a San Fran feast? Soak up buckets of history – Alcatraz is a bone-chilling, spine-tingling MUST. Taste tender gourmet seafood in the iconic corner of Fisherman’s Wharf. Seize allll the vintage, flower power and cool vibes in Haight-Ashbury. Oh, and bask in the imposing presence of the Golden Gate Bridge. Obvs. Things to do in San Francisco are never-ending and if John Lennon went “crazy” for the City by the Bay, you will too. Just sayin’.

Hollywood attractions mean more than STUN-NING A-Listers in their oversized sunnies. But hey, you’re in La la land – celeb hunting is part of the fun! Things to do in LA the Topdeck way? Hike the Hollywood Hills and see those massive white letters up close and personal. Get a snap but make it quick – there's PLENTY more to see. Admire art at one of the many world-renowned museums. Stroll down Venice Boardwalk for main character vibes. Or live like an LA local and brush arms with your new celeb mates in the vibrant Santa Monica farmers markets. Say hey to Addison for us!


Two Topdeck travelers sitting on a ledge overlooking the beautiful Yosemite National Park.
Icon of two hiking boot prints.

Go wild at Yosemite National Park

Mirrors, emeralds, and cathedrals – three JAW-dropping – to the solid ground – ingredients for a fairy tale backdrop. But this is the real deal. And YOU can hike, swim, and horseback-ride the Yosemite National Park trails in all their glory. Want to spot some wildlife? Black bears, coyotes, deer and birds (262 species!!) could pass your very eyeballs. Disclaimer. Unlike fairy tales, these majestic animals don’t talk. And they defo won’t help you wash the dishes. Don't get too close – we want you to return home with every limb intact.

Your USA questions answered

What is the USA known for?

An A-Z of the USA:

A-Listers. Birth of Jazz. Celeb culture. Die Hard debate – is it a Christmas film or not?! EPIC food portions. Football... the American way. The Grand Canyon. Hollywood. Indigenous culture and history. Justins... Timberlake, Bieber (Canadian-born FYI), Hartley, Jefferson. Kings... of Pop and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Lady Liberty. Marilyn moments. NASA. Oversized everything. Princess of Pop. Quahog. Rocky Balboa. Stars and stripes. Texan treats – the whole lot’s deep fried. Unis of Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale. VEGAS. The White House. Xtraterrestrial activity. "Y’all!” Zip codes.

What do I need for a trip to the USA?

It depends on the type of traveller you are! We recommend a camera for the mems, an elasticated waistband for the food, swimmers or jumpers depending on the season you travel, and plenty of energy! It’s GO BIG OR GO HOME time. Want an in-depth list of what to pack? Your trip notes are the place to find it.

How much money do I need for a trip to the US?

It depends! You’ll need to budget for spending money, meals (only the ones which aren’t included, obvs) and those immense optional activities. Go through your itinerary and think about the optionals you’re keen to experience – it’s all part of the fun!

Is tipping common in the US?

Tipping is BIG in America. You should tip restaurant staff between 15 and 20% – up to 25% for an awesome service. Taxis and Ubers also require 15 – 20% whilst 10 – 20% is usually given to tour guides. Top tip! Carry $1 bills for smaller tips like coffee, other bevvies and housekeeping staff.

What public holidays are celebrated in the US?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January) celebrates the birthday of pioneer, activist and spokesperson, Martin Luther King Jr., who led non-violent protests throughout the Civil Rights Movement. Memorial Day (last Monday in May), or Decoration Day, honours those who have died whilst serving their country. The US flag is flown at half-mast from dawn until noon and in full from noon to dusk. Independence Day (4 July) goes off with a BANG with fireworks and parties across the USA whilst the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is tapped 13 times in honour of the original 13 American colonies. Labor Day (1st Monday in September) has been celebrated since 1894, recognising the American labour movement. It’s also the “unofficial end of summer” which translates to vacation, vacation, vacation! Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) means a BIG turkey, all the trimmings, and spending quality time with family on the last Thursday of November.

Bonus questions...

When’s the best time to travel to the USA?

It depends whether you want to throw your bathers and thongs on or cosy up in woolly jumpers and big coats. For warm weather and hours of sunshine, May to early June is the time to travel to northern states. “Fall” (Autumn) – September to November – experiences warm weather in the south with less humidity than the summer months (June – August). Bonus – it's less crowded too. Want to experience a Winter Wonderland full of twinkling lights? There’s nothing like New York at Christmas. If you’re heading to Florida, Atlantic Hurricane Season occurs between June and November – best to avoid the Sunshine State during this time.

Will I need a visa and/or travel insurance to travel to the USA?

You must have comprehensive travel insurance to participate in a Topdeck trip to the USA. You will be unable to join us without it.

It’s your responsibility to obtain the correct visas for your trip. Ask your travel agent or check with the relevant embassies before you depart.

Find travel advice for Australia citizens here, for New Zealand citizens here for US citizens here, for Canadian citizens here and for British citizens here. If you’re travelling from a country not listed here, head to the relevant government website for more information.

What are the health and vaccine requirements for travel to the USA?

We recommend you consult your doctor about health and vaccination requirements before you travel to the USA. For current travel safety advice, please check your home country’s travel advisories. 

Can I use my mobile phone whilst travelling in the USA?

Mobile phone reception in the USA varies. Signal is likely to be better in cities and towns than in rural areas. Remember to check your network provider’s roaming fees to avoid any nasty surprises on your next bill!

What do I need to charge my devices in the USA?

Type A and Type B plugs are used in the USA. The standard voltage is 120V and the standard frequency is 60Hz. We recommend you bring a universal plug adapter – airports usually sell them, but it’s cheaper to buy one before you go.

Top tips for travelling the USA

Crossing the road requires a lesson or two of its own – they are W-I-D-E so beware of a LOT of traffic. If you want to do your own USA road trip, make sure you get in the left side of the car and drive on the wrong side of the road – aka the right side. To drink any alcoholic bevvie, you gotta be 21 or older. It’s law. Talking of IDs, it’s best practise to always keep your passport on you – some places may not accept other forms of ID.

Other sh*t-hot destinations...

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Crisp fresh air. Culinary delights. Cheerful residents. Canada welcomes you with open arms. One day you’ll feel the spray of rushing waterfalls. The next, you’ll lick your lips at the DE-LISH poutine Montreal has to offer. And the day after that? Plant your feet on a snowboard and catapult down the side of a smooth, powdery mountain. Can’t wait to get started? Fly to Canada for the trip of a lifetime!

Shot a tequila slammer and crash into our Mexico tours. We’re talking sparkling waters, soft sand, allll the spicy flavours. What more could you want? A bucket load of history and culture that goes beyond BC (yep, Before Christ)? You’re gonna go troppo when you hear about the Mayans. AND you can bask in the glory of their breath-taking ancient ruins. Fiesta. Flavour. And friends... ¡vamos!

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