• View of the Saint Sava Temple in Belgravia at night.

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Serbia Tours: Bohemian vibes and parties on the Danube

Tick off that Eastern European bucket list of yours and get a feel for fascinating Serbia. Belgrade is a thriving capital on the banks of the Danube – famous for its ancient fortress and eye-opening museums that take you back to another era. Sign us up! 

 When night falls, the streets come alive with everything from traditional musicians to all-night parties by the river. Don’t leave Belgrade without sampling all the homegrown deliciousness and comfort food. Think: hearty stews, soups, filled pastries and the sweet plum brandy of your dreams. Mmm, this is one Eastern European country not to be missed. 

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Serbia Tours: Things to Do

  • View of the Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade during the night.

    Experience Belgrade’s Epic Nightlife

    On the 'Balkan Trail'

    Time to meet the true star of Belgrade, Skadarlija Street, where musicians and boho vibes have reigned supreme since the 1800s. Relax in a café by the cobblestone streets and take in the amazing atmosphere. Then: all aboard one of the floating nightclubs moored on the river to rock the boat with some raucous Balkan beats!

  • Exterior shot of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

    Visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade

    On the 'The Big Balkan'

    History buffs, get excited for Belgrade! This city is filled with so many fascinating museums for you to discover, such as the Nikola Tesla Museum. Long before the epic rivalry between Marvel and DC comics, there were two inventors called Tesla and Edison who battled it out over their electrical current systems. Wanna know who won? Visit the museum to learn about the life and work of Tesla and see his ashes that are held in a golden sphere.

  • The Belgrade Fortress flanked by fountains on a sunny day.

    Explore Belgrade’s Fortres

    On the 'Balkan Adventurer'

    From the imperial Old Town and Republic Square to the beauty of Belgrade's botanic gardens, there’s so many cool spots to tick off in Serbia’s capital. At the top of our list is the famous Belgrade fortress. As the city’s landmark on the River Sava, the historic site was home to an ancient Roman fort built here 2000 years ago.

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