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Trip styles that hit different

You’re a mixed bunch. And we’re all about embracing that. That’s why we’ve created four trip styles to help you choose the life-changing adventure that’s right for you.  

BTW: all Topdeck trips come with a bucketload of sweet inclusions. So whichever trip style you opt for, you’ll always get real moments, real friendships, and time to release the real YOU

Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s do this.

All our trips got it goin’ on

Always included, no matter what

  1. Hassle-free transport for good times on the go

  2. Meet-the-gang and ciao-for-now meals

  3. Awesome experiences + free time to do your thing

  4. An incred Trip Leader to get you psyched and help keep you safe

  5. Like-minded travellers to share the journey

Pick your style trip leader top 5

You’ve got the vibe, we’ve got the trip style

Want non-stop good times with heaps of travel buds? We’ve got a trip style for that (it’s Get Social, FYI). Pumped for a mix of fun times with a smaller group and space to do your thing? Yup, we call it Play & Pause. Keen to delve deeper into a destination with a close-knit bunch of travellers? Spoiler: Delve Deep is your style. Or maybe the pirate life’s for you? Our Sail & Swim trips will float your boat.

Warning: contains legendary trip styles

Your #Topdecker Moments

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