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Bright blue waters, ridiculously stunning beaches, a million opportunities to dive headfirst into off-the-beaten track Mediterranean awesomeness… Yep, our sailing trips are pretty much what dreams are made of. The only question is, which will you choose: the Croatia boat life? Or Turkey sailing times? DW – we’re here to help you make up your mind.

In the red corner: Croatia, a scorchingly hot destination for SO many reasons. Miles of mind-blowing coastline, full-on Game of Thrones location drama, heaps of UNESCO World Heritage-listed goodness… Climb aboard one of our Croatia Sailing trips and you’ll experience everything from perfect paradise to beach bar, in unforgettable places like Hvar, Mljet, Dubrovnik and Split.


In the blue corner: Turkey. Whether you choose Turkish Summer Sailing or Bodrum Sailing, we can guarantee you the following: plenty of swim stops, sun lounging ops, and scenery so goddamn beautiful it’ll make your eyes pop. Plus, you’ll get to cruise around all day pirate-style in a traditional Turkish gulet (aka boat). Can’t say fairer than that.

Picked your winner? Nice. Still undecided? No problem. Keep reading and you’ll soon have this whole Sailing thing worked out.

Sail Croatia with Topdeck Travel

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Sailing Trips with Topdeck


Spend more time in each region

With region-focused itineraries, our Sailing trips give you plenty of time to explore Croatia or Turkey in depth. Spend your days discovering local hangouts, veering off the beaten track and taking the time to do each stop your way – this is your trip, after all.




Stay in en-suite cabins

Croatia, Turkey… Whichever part of the sunny Med you decide to set sail in, you’ll get to bed down in a comfy twin or double cabin each night. And did we mention all our cabins come complete with en-suite facilities (perfect for rinsing off after all those swim stops)?



Soak up the sun/make a splash

Wake up. Sunbake. Swim. Repeat. Welcome to a new life, where lounging on deck and cooling off in the ocean are high on your list of priorities. Remember work? Uni? The daily commute? All those annoying little responsibilities? Nah, we didn’t think so.




Tuck into local home-cooked meals

All Topdeck Sailing trips come with heaps of included meals. You probs knew that already. BUT, just FYI, these meals aren’t your average meals. They’re SO much more. We’re talking loads of home-cooked local fare that’s so good it’ll haunt your dreams. We’re not even joking.




Get social with the group

With all that time spent eating, sun-lounging, sightseeing, exploring and generally embracing classic boat life with your fellow Topdeckers, one thing’s for sure – incredible new friendships WILL be yours. Ready to find your people? Welcome aboard.


Featured Sailing Trips

Croatian Riviera Plus (Leonardo)

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Croatian Riviera Plus (Meridijan)

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Bucket List Highlights

  • sunken_city_of_kekova

    Visit the sunken city of Kekova in Turkey

    On the 'Turkish Summer Sailing'

    An earthquake shook Kekova nearly 2,000 years ago, leaving behind some aesthetically pleasing ruins that you can still see to this day. Wave a flipper to the turtles that call this sunken city home, then cruise on to Simena Castle (where you can wander up the cobblestones for an amazing view of the bay).

  • sail_croatias_scenic_coastline

    Sail Croatia’s scenic coastline

    On the 'Croatian Riviera'

    Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik… with stops like this on the agenda, you know the scenery is gonna be unreal. From hidden coves, shimmering waters and golden beaches to ancient city walls, incredible national parks and quaint coastal towns, your eyes won’t know what hit ‘em.

  • kayaking_in_dubrovnik

    Go sea kayaking in Dubrovnik

    On the 'Dubrovnik Dreams'

    The best way to see those city walls you’ve heard about in Dubrovnik? From the ocean, 100%. Get a group together, grab a paddle and gear up for a bit of optional sea kayaking. Expect the following: heart-stealingly picturesque spots, some snorkelling time AND a hidden cave beach.

Sailing Tour Destinations

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From Dubrovnik to Split, we’ve got five Croatia Sailing trips that are 100% guaranteed to float your boat.

Turkish Summer Sailing or Bodrum Sailing? Head this way for the lowdown on our Turkey Sailing trips.


How much luggage can I bring?

Each person is allowed one item of standard size luggage, plus a day pack. 

The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lb/20kg – and the size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Please keep in mind that there is limited space on the boat – so please pack light. We'd recommend bringing a soft-sided bag such as a rucksack or duffel bag.

Can I start late or finish the trip early?

No worries. We don’t offer any compensation for hours/days missed, though. And bear in mind that you might miss out on some awesome activities! Please note that you will need to make your own way to/from where the boat is docked.

How much money should I bring with me?

It varies! Obvs, there are loads of great souvenirs to be bought and an awesome social scene to get involved in (if that’s your thing). Heaps of your meals are also included, so this really just leaves a few meals and your personal spending to budget for.  

Throughout the trip, your Rep will also let you know about optional activities that you can do – so keep this in mind when budgeting, too. Please refer to the 'Tipping' section in your trip notes.

What visas will I need?

Obtaining the correct visas for your trip is your own responsibility. Not having correct visas could mean you missing out on part (or all) of your trip. Please refer to the Visa Information section of this website (which should be used as a guide only), or ask your travel agent. You should also double check with the appropriate embassies before you depart, remembering that visa requirements can change at short notice.

Please note: For most countries where visas are required, it's NOT possible to obtain a visa while on the trip. Some visas take 3-4 weeks to obtain.

Do I need travel insurance?

Before your trip, we recommend taking out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers you for all medical expenses (including repatriation) and any expensive items you bring away with you such as laptops, tablets, smart phones and cameras. Check the policy wording and excess limits before you book, and make sure they're to your satisfaction. Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking in case unforeseen events lead you to cancel your trip.

For more information visit the Travel Insurance page of this website. Here you can find more tips about what to look for in a policy, and search for a policy from World Nomads.

How do Sailing trips work?

In Croatia, we use a fleet of Traditional and Premium ships, all of which have air-conditioned, en-suite cabins. Ships range in size from 25 to 40 metres and can comfortably carry/sleep up to 36 people.

In Turkey we use Turkish gulets, which are traditional twin-mast wooden cruising vessels originating from the south west coast of Turkey. Gulets vary in length, height, depth and breadth, and it is believed that no two are identical. They range in size from 14 to 35 metres and can comfortably carry/sleep up to 16 people.

Though the boats are rigged for sailing, all possess diesel engines of varying horsepower. As such, this is not strictly a 'sailing' trip – but an awesome nautical adventure all the same!

The cabins can be either on deck or below deck and are generally small as there is limited space on the boat – so please pack light.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please refer to the suggested clothing list in your trip notes.

Don't forget your swimmers, camera, passport, visas and a positive attitude! If you suffer from any medical conditions, please bring extra supplies of medication as it could be difficult to find in Europe.

Is it a problem if I travel on my own?

Not at all – many of our passengers travel alone. Often, over 50% of our passengers start the trip solo (it's a great way to meet people). What's more, we don't charge compulsory single supplements – instead, we'll match you up with a roommate(s) of the same sex.

Can I drink the water on board the boat?

While tap water is fine to drink in Europe, we do advise that bottled water should be purchased in Greece and Turkey.

On Croatia Sailing trips, you will be provided with a reusable water bottle that can be filled up from water coolers 24/7!

On Turkey Sailing trips, bottled water will be provided.

What if I'm on a special diet?

Each boat has a local chef, who’ll serve up fresh local flavours each day. If you have any special dietary requirements (e.g. if you're vegetarian or vegan), your chef will make every endeavour to cater to your specific needs – as long as advise your travel agent (or the Topdeck reservations team) in advance.

Unfortunately, in some places in Europe it is not possible to obtain certain special foods, and we cannot guarantee the variety of foods that will be available when eating out. There are some diets we are unable to cater for (such as religious diets), so if you are unsure please call your travel agent (or the Topdeck reservations team) to check.

Please re-confirm any dietary requirements with your Rep at the start of your trip.

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