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Botswana Tours: Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta await

With more wildlife than you can shake a selfie stick at, Botswana is all kinds of epic for animal and nature-lovers alike. 

Head out in 4x4s and check out Okavango Delta, camp in nature at Elephant Sands and look out for wildlife at the Chobe River – Botswana is full of memories waiting to be made.

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Featured Botswana Trips

58 days / 8 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Cape Town
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From:A$8,385.00 Was:A$8,385.00
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19 days / 4 countries
  • Start city: Cape Town
  • End city: Victoria Falls
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From:A$2,865.00 Was:A$2,865.00
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41 days / 7 countries
  • Start city: Cape Town
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$5,785.00 Was:A$5,785.00
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25 days / 5 countries
  • Start city: Pretoria
  • End city: Cape Town
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From:A$4,195.00 Was:A$4,195.00
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Botswana Tours: Things to Do

  • okavango-delta

    Explore the Okavango Delta

    Experience the majestic Okavanga Delta, a magical region that skirts the Kalahari Desert, on a Mokoro walking safari. Immerse yourself in adventure with a day spent amongst the wildlife of Africa to a camp out under the stars and watch the sky sparkle! Botswana doesn’t get any better than this.

  • chobe-national-park

    Go on a cruise in Chobe National Park

    Chobe National Park is a major spot for herds of elephants, giraffes and cape buffaloes as well as ibis and storks. Sound awesome? It sure is. Head out on an exciting game-viewing cruise on the Chobe River and get those binoculars ready so you can try and spot hippos, elephants and buffaloes who come here to freshen up. Eeek!

  • african-savannah-tour

    Walk with the Kalahari Bushmen

    Make tracks with the Kalahari Bushmen and learn how their intimate knowledge the flora and fauna of the African savannah has helped them survive for thousands of years. Not only do you get to experience their amazing culture, but your ecotourism support provides the Bushmen a sustainable income and help these traditions live on!

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