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Malawi Tours: Wildlife spotting and adventure times at Lake Malawi.

If you thought a landlocked country wouldn’t have great beaches, set you faces to stun.

Taking up one-fifth of the country is Lake Malawi, the perfect place to snorkel, scuba dive or go riding on the horses, yeah!

When you don’t have your head underwater spotting fish every colour of the rainbow, you’ve got the chance to lounge about and chill, soaking up the beautiful surrounds of Kende and Chitimba beaches. 

With loads of wildlife and the epic Lake Malawi on the cards, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this country. Ready for your African adventure? Let’s go.

Featured Malawi Trips

21 days / 4 countries
  • Start city: Victoria Falls
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$3,170.00 Was:A$3,170.00
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24 days / 4 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Victoria Falls
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From:A$3,715.00 Was:A$3,715.00
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58 days / 8 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Cape Town
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From:A$8,385.00 Was:A$8,385.00
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41 days / 7 countries
  • Start city: Cape Town
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$5,785.00 Was:A$5,785.00
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Malawi Tours: Things to Do

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    Soak in your surrounds at Lake Malawi

    Spend time relaxing on the beach or hit the shops at the curios market. With arts, crafts and locally-made products, test your bargaining skills and leave enough space in your suitcase for some souvenirs. Three, two, one, go!

  • malawi-beach

    Get amongst it at Malawi’s beaches

    Get involved in water sports, go horse riding or simply chill by the lakeside, the beaches along Lake Malawi are perfect for all of the above. Grab a good book, sip a cool drink and soak up the holiday vibes. When in Africa!

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