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*Press play on Toto's Africa*

So, you wanna feel real? Then allow us to introduce you to this two-week, all-encompassing, UN-FOR-GETTABLE African extravaganza. Travelling from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, you'll dive headlong into pulse-quickening game drives. Eye-opening island discoveries. And local interactions that'll nourish your soul. By the time you get home, you'll be a whole new person. Well, you'll still be you. Just better.

Worth noting…

This trip includes remote overnight camping in the Serengeti National Park - don't forget to pack a sleeping bag. Sweet!

Tales From Topdeckers

Trip Itinerary

  1. Nairobi to Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya 


    Touch down in Nairobi, meet the group and don’t forget to pinch yourself – you’re actually here. We’re kick-starting the adventure by travelling across the mesmerising Great Rift Valley to the Maasai Mara National Reserve – Kenya’s best-known game park. Looking for the real Africa? This is it. Before the day’s done, we’ll get our first taste of the great Kenyan outdoors on a game drive. Hold up – is that an elephant? This is going to be two wild weeks.

    • Included Today
      • 4x4 game drive in Maasai Mara National Park
    • Meals
      • Lunch
      • Dinner
  2. Maasai Mara National Reserve

  3. Maasai Mara National Reserve to Nairobi

  4. Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania

  5. Arusha to Serengeti National Park

  6. Serengeti National Park

  7. Serengeti National Park to Mto wa Mbu via Ngorongoro Crater

  8. Mto wa Mbu to Korogwe

  9. Korogwe to Dar es Salaam

  10. Dar es Salaam to Stone Town, Zanzibar

  11. Zanzibar

  12. Zanzibar

  13. Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Game drives in Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Game drives in Serengeti National Park
  • 4X4 Ngorongoro crater game drive
  • Three-night island stay in Zanzibar


-3 nights in hotels, 9 nights in 2-person dome tents or twin-share accommodation


Overland safari truck – lockers included. 4X4 safari Jeeps. Local ferry to Zanzibar.

Optional activities

-Balloon ride in the Maasai Mara National Reserve: from 500 USD

-Visit a Maasai village: from 25 USD

-Visit Arusha village: from prices available locally

-Hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti: from 599 USD

-Spice tour of Zanzibar: from 25 USD

-City tour of Stone Town: from 20 USD

-Snorkelling in Zanzibar: from 70 USD

-Dhow boat trip in Zanzibar: from 70 USD

-Sunset dhow boat trip: from 30 USD

-Prison Island tour: from 40 USD

-Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean: from 70 USD

-Walk through the Jozani Forest: from 40 USD




This isn’t your usual suitcase-pushing holiday abroad – we’ll mostly be travelling in Overland trucks and local ferries. Meaning? Luggage space is limited. Bring a soft bag or backpack vs a hard suitcase. And remember, what you pack is what you lug around (so, pack light).  

Other packing essentials include: a sleeping bag, bug spray, quick-dry travel towel, modest clothing (for those church and mosque visits) and neutral colours (African wildlife tend to get suspicious of hot pink). 



Visas are not included. Many countries in Africa require you to purchase visas before you travel; please ensure you have checked before you travel and obtained all of the necessary documents.  



Please ensure you have obtained any required vaccinations and medications in advance of travel. Many African countries require you to have a yellow fever certificate on entry. 

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