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Uganda Tours: Journey Through Wild Uganda with Topdeck

Join Topdeck and travel to the magnificent East African country of Uganda. This country is famous for its unique wildlife and for the fact that it’s home to the majestic mountain gorillas.

Topdeck offer a wide range of trips which focus on or pass through Uganda. Live life on the wild side and enjoy an unforgettable Topdeck trip to Uganda!

Featured Uganda Trips

6 days / 1 country
  • Start city: Kampala
  • End city: Kampala
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From:A$1,335.00 Was:A$1,335.00
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28 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Dar es Salaam
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From:A$4,585.00 Was:A$4,585.00
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14 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$2,535.00 Was:A$2,535.00
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58 days / 8 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Cape Town
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From:A$8,385.00 Was:A$8,385.00
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Uganda Tours: Things to Do

  • Bwindi-impenetrable-national-park

    Explore Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

    Ready to rally the troops? This UNESCO listed national park is at least 25,000 years old and is home to one of Uganda's most biologically diverse rainforests. On a once-in-a-lifetime trek through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, you’ll be one of the lucky few who get to see the last remaining mountain gorillas. Let’s go!

  • lake-bunyonyi

    Visit Lake Bunyonyi

    The perfect place to relax when you’re not trekking to see the mountain gorillas, Lake Bunyonyi is peaceful, beautiful and serene. Want more? You could always hire a canoe and explore some of the nearby islands, pay a visit to the local tribes and villages, or channel your inner adventurer with a nature walk.

  • chimpanzee-trek

    Trek to see the mountain gorillas

    When in Uganda, be sure to tick off both a gorilla and chimpanzee trek for the ultimate nature experience! What could be better than observing these beautiful creatures kicking back in their natural habitat? Nothing, that’s what. Set out on this epic experience and trek to see the mountain gorillas in the region that hosts the last of this endangered species

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