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Northern Directions

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Trip Overview

Point your GPS in one direction and set off north, as we explore some of Europe's most iconic cities. Starting in Rome, you'll have the chance to experience the canals of Venice, the storybook mountains of the Swiss Alps, charming Luxembourg, Amsterdam's famed museums and some of the most lip-smacking food in the world. Gather around Topdeckers, this one is going to be a beauty.

Worth noting…
A Sector trip is part of a larger journey, meaning your new friends might continue on or after you leave, or you might be joining a trip already in progress. This trip is a sector of the Western Compass.

This is a sector of the 24 Day Western Compass trip.


Trip Itinerary

  1. Rome, Italy


    Rome is where the heart is. Gawk at the Colosseum, get your heart pumping with a race up the Spanish Steps and throw a coin in the famous Trevi Fountain. If your energy levels keep up, window shop along Via Condotti or simply mix with the locals before you meet with the gang in the afternoon. Espresso stops: mandatory.

  2. Rome to Venice

  3. Venice

  4. Venice to Swiss Alps, Switzerland

  5. Swiss Alps

  6. Swiss Alps to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

  7. Luxembourg City to Amsterdam, Netherlands

  8. Amsterdam

  9. Amsterdam to London, England


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Orientation tour of Verona
  • Walking tour of Venice
  • Vaporetto ride in Venice
  • Orientation tour of Amsterdam
  • Canal dinner cruise in Amsterdam


-7 nights in hostels, 1 night in a bungalow


Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi

Optional activities

-Get a personalised trip T-shirt: from €21

-Get a personalised trip hoodie: from €32

-Gondola ride: from €20

-Scenic excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe'): from 168.80 CHF

-Skydiving in the Swiss Alps: from 390 CHF (plus 50 CHF deposit)

-Scenic helicopter ride in the Swiss Alps: 195 CHF (plus 20 CHF deposit)

-Skiing in the Swiss Alps: from 169 CHF

-Night sledding in the Swiss Alps: from 79 CHF

-Bike tour of Amsterdam: from €14

Views & Reviews

Latest Reviews

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  • Maddison B March 2018

    Great time length, covered a lot over a few days!

  • Michelle February 2018

    this was a last minute trip. i booked the trip five days before departure. i did not receive confirmation right away so i did not think i was going to be on the tour and almost booked another trip. i received an email two days before(i needed to be on a plane from Canada to Rome) that i was confirmed. this left me one day to prepare, make arrangements and bookflights. a little stressful.

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