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3* Dubai Stopover 4 Day

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Trip Overview

Need a place to park your Lamborghini? No problem. Coming by camel? Sorted. Want ATMs that spit out 24-carat gold? This is the place. Dubai boasts endless sand dunes, the world's highest view and a luxury man-made island – and that's just the beginning. Ready to explore? Dive right in.

Trip Itinerary

  1. Dubai, UAE


    Await your airport pick-up and get ready to be whisked to your hotel in style. Aren't you the rock star? Welcome to Dubai! With its legendary shopping, dazzling architecture and exotic offerings, this city is bound to make your favourites list.

    • Today's highlights
      • Airport arrival transfer
  2. Dubai

  3. Dubai

  4. Dubai


What's included

Included Experiences

  • Half
  • day city tour of Dubai
  • 4x4 desert safari


3 nights in a hotel


A range of locally sourced transport

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