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Greek Sailing


AHOY, SAILORS! Who's ready to spin the compass in Greece?

All aboard! Get ready to navigate through awe-inspiring islands. Then, sail between cities steeped in history, mythology, and legend. Then, your last mission of the day (should you choose to accept) is to laze on board and catch those rays.

Whether you're Aegean sun-seeking or Greek Island chasing, get your dose of vitamin sea (see what we did there?) and start planning the adventure of a lifetime.

Check out our incredible Greek Sailing trips below.

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8 days / 1 country
  • Start city: Athens
  • End city: Athens
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Sail Greece: Things To Do

  • mykonos_at_night

    Mykonos Nightlife

    When the sun goes down, the night lights up. Maybe it’s the fresh sea air or the chance to take an afternoon nap on gorgeous sun-soaked beaches, but the nightlife of Mykonos is leg-en-dary! What better way to introduce yourself to your new shipmates than a round of cocktails and dancing the night away?

  • athenian_ruins

    Tour Ancient Athens

    Get acquainted with one of the most significant cities in history as you wander the storied streets of Athens. No filter needed for ancient sites like the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Library, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and more. By the time you’ve seen it all, you’ll have more tales to tell than Homer… the poet, not Simpson.

  • santorini_sunset

    Picture-perfect Santorini

    Hold onto your heart because Santorini is a town full of amazing sights that will set it soaring. Red and black sand beaches, blue domed churches and a sunset that will leave you breathless. Is this the most romantic island in the Mediterranean? It’s already hosted one Topdeck wedding, so we think so!

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