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Who doesn't love Latvia? The powerhouse capital of this Baltic nation, Riga, is famous for its Art Nouveau buildings. If you have no idea about Nouveau, Riga has the perfect museum for you, housed in the former apartment of a leading Latvian architect. You’ll be so inspired, you’ll probs want to rush home to rearrange your milk crate furniture.

Come and visit Latvia with Topdeck and learn why this former communist nation should be next on your #mustvisit list.

Latvia Tours: Things to Do

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    Discover the secrets of Riga’s Old Town

    On the 'Russia Scandi'

    Get your gram ready – Riga’s UNESCO listed Old Town is filled with architecture that’s pretty as a postcard. Be sure to hit up the gothic House of Blackheads if you want to brush up on some Latvian history. FYI: this famous landmark has nothing to do with your T-zones, it’s named after the brotherhood who lived here in medieval times.

  • the-freedom-monument

    Gaze up at the Freedom Monument

    On the 'Russian Revelations'

    Rolling into Latvia’s capital of Riga, you’ll learn that this former communist nation has embraced a modern mindset without forgetting the struggle of Soviet occupation. One powerful symbol is the Freedom Monument, which gained even more significance after Latvia’s independence from the USSR in 1991. Don’t forget to say hi to Milda, the female sculpture at the top of the impressive 42-metre-tall monument!

  • riga-old-town-walking-tour

    Walking Tour of Riga

    On the 'Red Star Special'

    Riga, with its mix of Art Nouveau and cosmopolitan cool, is a must-visit when it comes to the Baltic states. Our walking tour will explore the nooks and crannies of the city by hitting up the House of Blackheads, Power Tower, Freedom Monument and the spectacular Riga Cathedral in Old Town.

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