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Macedonia Tours: Grand architecture and lakeside retreats

Macedonia has got it all from beautiful scenery to vibin’ market squares and loads of street eats to sink your teeth into. Get ready for Skopje, Macedonia’s capital! Here you’ll find ancient buildings standing side by side with modernist skyscrapers. Throw some coin around in the bustling Old Bazaar of Skopje or storm the Kale fortress where outdoor performances are held on those hot summer nights.

Then head to a for-reals medieval inn and grab a plate of pasha (meatballs and vine leaves). We hope the swords on the walls are just for show.

But if all that hustle and bustle just ain’t your speed, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Macedonia. Relax on the water at the breathtaking Matka Canyon or check out the ah-mazing views at Lake Ohrid.

Macedonia Tours: Things to Do

  • matka-canyon

    Visit Matka Valley

    On the 'The Big Balkan'

    Get excited to see the stunning Matka Valley in Macedonia. Leave cliff climbing to the goats and take in the views across the glassy river. From hidden caves to medieval monasteries, Matka Canyon is full of photo ops for travellers who like to walk on the wild side.

  • lake-ohrid

    Discover stunning Lake Ohrid

    On the 'Balkan Coasts'

    Lake Ohrid is all about medieval monasteries, historic ruins and picture-perfect views. From dipping your toes into the lake of your dreams to visiting the Monastery of Saint Naum, there’s so much nature to see when you visit one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes. Let the exploring begin!

  • skopje-walking-tour

    Explore Skopje

    On the 'The Big Balkan'

    Tick off all the sights on an awe-inspiring Skopje walking tour. Communist architecture, comin’ right up! If the famous brutalist buildings make you feel trapped in a Tim Burton film, you can always escape to the Old Bazaar. Lose a few hours exploring the eclectic marketplace that’s filled with mosques, hammams and market stalls.

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