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Romania Tours: Churches, Castles and Dracula, Oh My!

A gem in Eastern Europe, Romania is one not to miss. Intrigued? How does eating hearty pastries, exploring cobblestone boulevards and sipping beer at the local hang-outs sound?

Or how about checking out the monuments in Bucharest (heads up the Palace of Parliament and the Cismigiu Gardens are awesome) or exploring the Old Town in Timisoara?

Isn’t it about time you travelled to Romania with Topdeck?

Featured Romania Trips

18 days / 8 countries
  • Start city: Dubrovnik
  • End city: Dubrovnik
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From:A$4,099.00 Was:A$4,099.00
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8 days / 5 countries
  • Start city: Bucharest
  • End city: Dubrovnik
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From:A$1,899.00 Was:A$1,899.00
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12 days / 6 countries
  • Start city: Dubrovnik
  • End city: Bucharest
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From:A$2,799.00 Was:A$2,799.00
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14 days / 5 countries
  • Start city: Budapest
  • End city: Prague
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From:A$3,099.00 Was:A$3,099.00
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Romania Tours: Things to Do

  • bran-castle

    Visit Bran Castle

    Ever wanted to visit Transylvania? Now’s your chance to explore the spooky legends for yourself, at the medieval castle made famous by Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. Trust us, Bran Castle is like something straight out of a fairytale. Loaded with historical references and scenic views of the magical forest, this is a bucket list item in Romania!

  • palace-of-the-parliament-bucharest-romania

    Explore Bucharest

    Wander the streets of Bucharest and get a feel for the largest city in Romania. Why not tick off the Palace of Parliament (it's pretty big, you can't miss it), the fairytale-like Cismigiu Gardens (if the lake is frozen over, get your skates on!) and take a peek at the Bucharest Arc de Triomphe.

  • timisoara-orthodox-cathedral

    See Timisoara’s architecture

    From the Orthodox Cathedral to the Piarist Lyceum and the pastel-coloured buildings, it pays to get lost in pretty Timisoara and stroll around on foot. Why? Because you’ll stumble across so many architectural gems as you discover one of Romania’s most beautiful baroque cities. Hop to it!

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