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Russia Tours: History, Architecture, and Food Fit for Royalty

Russian Tsars knew how to live the good life, and we want a taste of it too! 

Join us as we travel through Russia in search of the very best this vast and varied nation has to offer. With ample time to explore the glorious old cities of Moscow and St Petersburg both on our own and with a local guide to show us around, we’ll tick off all those bucket list sites, and then some.

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Russia Tours: Things to Do

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    Take a tour of the Kremlin with a local guide

    On the 'Vodka & Caviar'

    Take a guided tour of (arguably) the most well-known building in Russia: the Kremlin. Situated in the heart of Moscow, this fortified complex overlooks the Moskva river, St Basil’s Cathedral and the Red Square. One thing’s for sure – this place oozes with history. How much of it will you discover on your tour?

  • veliky-novgorod

    Visit World Heritage-listed Novgorod

    On the 'Russia Scandi'

    Once you arrive in this impressive city which is sitting pretty on the ancient trade route between Central Asia and Europe, you'll understand exactly why it’s on the World Heritage list. Catch highlights like the Cathedral of St Sophia on our guided Novgorod city tour – and while you're here, don't forget to try Medovukha, the Russian version of mead.

  • moscow-metro

    Visit the Moscow Metro

    On the 'Red Star Special'

    Want to see another side to Moscow? Then go underground with a guided tour of the not-so-mundane Metro. If you’re picturing the Piccadilly or Central Line in London, think again. Not even close! We’re talking chandelier-lined stations, each one more decadent than the last. Amazing!

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